Disown the Troops Disowned

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. Absolutely amazing. Michiel was not actually given the chance to articulate his argument!

    He was subject to a Mccarthian interrogation that did not even demand an answer!

    If you are going to destroy an argument you at least have to hear it!

    In that way, a superior argument destroys it that more effectively!

    I am afraid | am not very impressed with the US media's ability to engage in objective analysis!

    I am afraid it is unconvincing and simply just not good enough!!

    His argument, for what it is, remains until such time as it has been effectively controverted!

    Regards and best wishes
  2. how did he die? - hopefully got hit by a military convoy while out promoting his sick website - Iolis - did you watch the same video as me? the reason he didnt put up an argument was that he did not have one, I cannot believe you are condoning this video and sticking up for this prick!!!!

    I just hope his death was horrible and painful, guy is a prick and thank the lord he is dead, no loss to the human race
  3. He's not dead, his organization is. He sold off the domains, thus 'disowning' them. Sorry for the confusion
  4. I don't think he means that the Geek actually died... I'm pretty sure his domain was just shut down.

    This guy was just trying to make a buck... oddly very American... by being very anti American. If you can design a website that gets more than 3000 visits a day, you can sell advertising. People all over try all sorts of ideas to attract visitors and this bloke actually managed to promote it on national TV. The domain could have been worth a bomb... (and is worth a bomb (IED))

    If the content had been different, I'm sure I'd have been impressed if not a little jealous... but as it stands I want to shave his head and poke those little pig eyes into the back of his skull.

    DO NOT VISIT HIS SITE! (The link at the top is OK though)

    Edited to add: DO NOT VISIT HIS SHITE which I think is far more fitting
  5. You've got to be trying for a bite Iolis!!!!

    If not, then what the devil are you saying!? His argument is that he is trying to make money, by being as provocative as possible to achieve a high volume of hits on his site. Fine in principle, however the real shitty end of the stick is that he is doing it by slamming his country's armed forces and their families.
    Not to make a stand against war, not to make a call for world peace but to make money...

    Next you'll be telling me it's ok to do that and that your idol is the shaved chimp!!
  6. one thing if he'd been a genuinue anti war type but just to make cash well I'm sure somebody stateside will slap him sooner or later :twisted:
  7. Pleased this site is down but wasn't exactly a fair interview from the childrens show that is Fox News