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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by syledis, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Please dont rip the arrse out of me for asking this but when do you tip in Disneyland? I expect to in food places, but if you get a picture of your kids with a disney character, like Cinderella do you tip them too, and if so how much.Also is there any good shooting ranges where i can take Syledis jr to show him what a crack shot Dad used to be!!

  2. I usually tip when the lap dancer has just finished...

    im not sure matie, depends on which one your off to. If its DL Paris, dont tip, because

    a: They're french
    b: They'll just sniff at you in the most haughty manner
    c: The french dont have shooting ranges, as they always throw their rifles away and leg it.

    If its DL World, then do tip, because American staff are paid peanuts. And theres always Fort Lauderdale, I'm sure the USN must have ranges somewhere around there.
  3. I off to The one in Orlando next week and just dont want to embarass myself or others by tipping wrong people. As for the Shooting, after seeing a post about the old SLR i have this urge to fire a full fat assault rifle ( 7.62 x 51 ) before i get too old to hold one.Very sad!!
  4. We only tipped the cleaners, we tried to tip a guy selling drinks one morning and he politely refused 8O
  5. When Mickey Mouse shows you his ricker.
  6. I went to DisneyWorld in Orlando and they won't have tips from you or "keep the change". They get searched when they finish work to make sure they haven't nicked anything.
  7. [align=justify]Disney Land is in California, in Florida it's called Disney World (Orlando). Only tip food vendors etc. Do not try to tip Disney Characters, they're not allowed to accept gratuities. They are also not allowed to speak, so they can't tell you that. You should also ask for the Forces Discount (used to only apply in uniform but I think they will give it anyway).
    I live in South Florida and go shooting ocasionally. You won't be able to fire a 7.62 indoors (most places won't allow long guns larger than 5.56 indoors). There are a number of outdoor ranges where you may fire larger calibre weapons (not auto though) At the range I go to there is a "five-second" rule which even bans "double tapping" (depends on the safety bod).[/align]
  8. Good place to go shooting, indoors though, is near the Orlando Correction Facility (across the road actually). It looks like a Gun Shop, but behind the counter on the wall are all sorts of small caliber weapons. Last time i was there you turn up, MOD 90 out, and for a small sum you walk into the 30m indoor range with a MP5 and 100 rds of 9mm!
    Took the missus last time, never held a gun before, and stood next to me whilst i pretended i knew what i was doing, until the bloke next to me let rip with a MAC 10....sh1t herself and promptly walked out muttering some expletive to herself!
  9. Disneyworld sounds like the ideal place to get some 7.62 action in, start with Mickey and work your way down.

    As for tipping - you're British, ergo you should not tip unless the service has been exceptional. Regular tipping only breeds laziness!
  10. only tip service staff like cleaners, waiters, taxis, personally I leave a Dollar for the waiters and waitress, in the case of a cleaner in your room, a Dollar a day is enough, DON'T save all the tips and pay at the end of your stay, they have different people each day or every other day and the last person will get the lot, that is usually as far as I go for tipping, I don't tip bus drivers, Disney charatcers, KFC , McDonald staff, if you do it will all soon add up and is not neccessary.

    BTW it is not gospel, if they give you a truely shite service your're entitled not to leave anything, some waiters expect it as of right actually insult you if you leave less than what they wanted.
  11. thanks for the replies. i dont tip as a matter of course but on holiday with kids, dont want to look mean!! I actually worked in the states for 7 years until recently, just didnt know the drill in theme parks. looking forward to having a go with a real gun again. How much did it cost for 100 rds of 9mm

  12. Was 3 years ago but was around 20-25$ i think. As well as the MP5, had a go on a Berreta 92f, Glock 9mm and a Ruger P89. As you show your ID card, they dont go through the "do you know how to work them..." sort of routine. They just hand them over.
  13. The range mentioned by CH5120 is:
    2911 W. 39th Street
    Suite 800
    Orlando, FL 32839
    Phone: (407) 428-6225
    I checked it out and they do have full auto for rental. I tried to get more
    information but the guy must think I'm a anti-gun nut or something... hung up on me then blocked my number so am unable to call back. I looked for a web site but nothings coming up except the old packing.org site (four years old).
  14. Okay. I managed to get back to the range. Theyr'e open from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (except Thursday, 6:00 p.m.).
    Lots of weapons for rent. Handgun, $8.00; Rifles $15.00; Machine guns, $25.00. Example of ammo cost: 50 rds 9mm is $11.99. (I guess you need to add sales tax) Full auto allowed. They will also rent ear and eye protection (required).
  15. FWIW syledis, this refers to years ago so things may have changed, but, a popular place for lunch was the Western Saloon – burgers, Coke and a show – that sort of thing. The shows used to run all day and were free, but seating was per the show ticket you collected in advance from the Saloon. So, go there 20 minutes early for say the 12:30 show (like the majority) and the first tickets available are for the 4:00 or something. Ergo, when you go through the main entrance, just go straight to the end of Main Street in front of you, to the roundabout, turn left into Frontier Land, saloon used to be down on the left, and grab some lunchtime tickets. Then backtrack or whatever and take the family round the usual. ;)


    oh yeah, never did or saw any tipping in Disney.