Disneyland Paris

Discussion in 'Travel' started by chrisg46, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    When my future nephew was about 5, the future Mrs 46 promised him that she would take him to Disneyland Paris when he was 12, and big enough to go on all the rides.
    He is now 12, and the little bugger can still remember this promise, and reminded us about this yesterday. So therefore, we have got to take him there before Mid September this year. I dont mind this,a s its been about ten years since i went.

    Anyhoo, we are now trying to decide the best/cheapest way of getting there, including travel, accomodation etc for two adults, one 12 yr old..

    I have driving there in mind, about 7 or 8 hours drive, including the crossing, but bypassing paris. Anyone else done this?

    Ladies, Gentlemen, your suggestions or experiences please?
  2. Shoot yourself now. It will be cheaper and far less painful in the long run.


    "It's a small world, after all,
    It's a small world after all,
    It's a small world, after all,"
  4. From what I remember of my squadrons weekend away:
    Hurricanes nightclub (that is part of the complex) is open until 5am and they have no concept of what minesweeping is.
    All the water features have coins in them but security is tight and they are hard to get. (we set up tactical diversions).
    Pikeys tend to hang around the entrance of the cheaper accomodation flogging all the kit they have nicked off tourists and out of the souvenir shops during the day, You can haggle them down from their initial asking price.
    Giving mickey mouse a slap gets you some large gentlemen asking you to leave (but after 20 minutes you can sneak back in).
    The cleaning maids leave their trolleys in the corridors all the time, 2 minutes work and you to could be the proud owner of two years supply of miniature Donald Duck soaps.
    Hope that helps
  5. Just got back from there, kids loved it, my idea of hell. We went on Eurostar, so can't advise on driving.

    Good guide here, but some of it may be a little out of date.

    If you stay in the Disney hotels, at some times of the year you can get on a few rides at 8:00 before the public get in at 10:00. This is worth doing 'cos the queues are 90 minutes for some rides. You think you've bought a ticket to a whole day's worth of rides, but it's a day's worth of queuing with a few rides.

    The fast food outlets are double the price of a typical MacDonalds, six times slower and worse quality. The English form a queue, the Johnny Foreigners have a riot.

    Take a power adaptor, a water boiler and brew kit. If in a car, take plenty of bottled water; the mains supply tastes like a swimming pool. Bottled water (and everything else) is expensive inside the park.

    Be warned about Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. The show is tolerable, by kids and those who are sufficiently drunk or disabled to be easily entertained. The food is utter shite, totally inedible, consisting of a bowl of gristly chilli con carne followed by a kebab (skewer) of sausage & meat that was under-cooked in a steam oven or a microwave. Tasted very dodgy; anyone in my party who ate any of it spent the next day close to a toilet. We travelled home with a family who'd been there, one of the kids spent the journey spewing.

    It's a wall to wall marketing opportunity for twee Disney hats, outfits, mugs, toys, etc.. The Brits are conveyed there by train and are afraid to go up the road to a French shop becaue they don't speak the language well enough, leaving them at the mercy of Walt & Co.

    I hope you have fun.
  6. I went there once and it rained the whole time, which really spoiled it. Have been to Florida three times, which is much better, the atmosphere is much better, worth the extra few bob. If you are going to do it, spend a bit more and go there. See Virgin are offering deals on staying in the resort, worth looking at. Not really worth hiring a car, all prices say from - then there is state tax CDW etc and 90% of the time it's parked up. Can get a taxi for next to nothing. Also FL has wet and wild Universal, seaworld and more polite ppl. If I were you I would even consider a loan to go. Oh and the weather is 99% sunny
  7. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but we are taking our daughter to EuroDisney for 5 nights in 3 weeks time. It's my idea of hell, I wanted to go to Legoland in Denmark or Tenerife, but I got outvoted. Part of the deal is that we get a day away from bloody Disney so we want a day trip to Paris. Not being in the Wehrmacht I've never been.

    Has any one been there from EuroDisney please? Did you book a trip via the Disney hotel? Was it any good? Was it a rip off? How easy is it just to catch train and sort yourself out for sightseeing when you get there? Bear in mind we have a primary school age child in tow.

    Saw Paris on the Tour de France today. Without wishing to sound traitorous it looks a damn sight nicer than London.
  8. Give it a miss entirely, from what I've heard it's a bit of a Mickey Mouse outfit!!!!!!!!!

    Too warm for a coat but can you order me a taxi.................
  9. Dead easy. The station is just outside the entry to EuroDisney, it's a straight run into Paris, and you're immediately into the Metro system. We did it with a pair of primary-age kids, no bother.

    We'd only planned to spend a couple of days at Disney, but it turned out much cheaper to use the Disney accommodation for the full week. They seem to regard the entry ticket as free, and the merchandising&food as the place they make their money. Avoid the cuddly toys, eat outside whenever possible, job done.
  10. take him to Florida you tight git
  11. You want the RER A line, see below and just reverse the instructions!

    RER Train Paris to DisneyLand Paris | Paris by Train

    Central Paris is easy to walk around with loads of things to see. Keep your valuables safe, do not speak to anyone looking for directions brandishing a map. Do not sign any petitions. Avoid Romanians. Do not pick up any coins/rings on the ground.

    Cheapest place to drink is standing at the bar, sitting down is more expensive and sitting outside the price rises further. It's pricey so be prepared. Cheaper to buy bottled water at the supermarket and carry it around with you (I'm not Scottish for nothing).

    If you have any specific questions fire away, I've lived here for 30 years.
  12. It's bad enough working with Septics. I don't want to socialise with them. Besides why fly for 8 hours when you can fly for 1hr 20 and get to a civilised country?:)
  13. That's all very helpful. Thank you very much. Just want to see the sights, Seine, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel tower etc.... Seems like train, Metro & walk about is the best option. Thanks

  14. Thanks for the tips. I am under strict orders not to moan about Disney schmaltz or being ripped off. Going to be a hard few days :)
  15. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    see the Opera house I think the word opulent was invented to describe it.