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Discussion in 'Travel' started by All_I_Want, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know a ggod place to buy tickets for disney in florida?

    I have done a search and came up with some sites that sell them for £163 adult and £145 for kids, for 14 days.

    Just wondering if anyone has bought any recently and had good service etc.?

  2. A mate of mine was saying that a few attractions over there have a bit of a "salute to heroes" thing going on with free or cheap entrance to serving US military and their favourite allies like us. I know for certain that SeaWorld has and during the Shamu (killer whale thingy) set there is a bit salute to our heroes etc etc. Bloody great to see at least one nation values us! Has anyone else got any similar news that may help out?

    I know there used to be the Naval Trg Academy in Orlando which had megacheap accommodation for visitors (me and a bunch of lads from 1 RHF stayed for a week and it cost virtually peanuts), but it's closed now. I wonder if there any alternatives.
  3. Disney only do forces discount for the guys staying at the Disney Resorts own Military Campus (Called Green and Blue or something like that). The Baldrick clan was over in February and to be honest we found Disney disappointing (been about 10 years since the last visit)
    Bushe Gardens and Sea World on the other hand give you free entry on production of a MOD 90 for you plus three dependants. Be warned Sea World also do a salute to hero's prior to the Whale show were you are expected to get off your arrse and get cheered so expect mega p*ss taking from any kids you may have in your possession :) They are also better parks IMHO with loads more rides and attractions than the Disney Parks.