Dismounted on Telic

Discussion in 'RAC' started by aghart, Jun 29, 2006.

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  1. H Sqn JCBRN Regt (1RTR) are to deploy as a light infantry company on Telic 9. Is this a one off ? is it because they don't have tanks? or is it the start of non infantry units doing NI style infantry tours of Iraq?
  2. What do you mean start? Haven't the Gunners been doing this for ages? I certainly don't remember seeing any big guns on Telic 4.
  3. Fecking hell mate where have you been ? This has been the norm for years .
  4. In the desert with a 117 on yer back! Getting much trade? CLEAR HOT!!!
  5. B Sqn QDG did a Bosnia Tour in 96 with the Jackets, GV what a place!!!!!!!!!!!! My f**king feet are still hurting. And again B Sqn QDG did Telic 1 as Lt Role Landrover Sqn in the close protection role. Also QDG are just finishing the LRDG type stuff in Al Muthanna. So, not unusual, but we are adept at anything and not scared of a bit of diversity..................unlike some Chavalry units.
  6. 9/12L deployed as a ground holding BG on Telic 7, they did a bit of everything in the end. Deployed a Sqn Gp to Maysan in FR role, patrolled in ground holding role and did a bit of other stuff too.

    It ain't hard really, proves that the British Army is flexible and capable of many things.

    QDG have also done a bit of SSR/Ground holding too I believe.

    YANTO, I wouldn't call Muthanna 'LRDG type stuff' as I haven't heard of any Luftwaffe Airfields going up in smoke or Afrika Korps fuel columns being attacked ;)
    I think we call it Ground Holding nowadays :)
  7. I was on that Tour Fella,one of our Lads robbed your Welsh Flag,you got it back like as your CSM at the time went Bananas ha ha Remember the Bar at the back we built "The Green Eagle",arrgh those were the days !
  8. Anyone from this forum who finds themselves in Basrah Airfield at any point drop me a line and I'll put the BV on. (RTR by invite only :D ), Soprano you have an open invite.

  9. Why, thankyou so much! I might even take you up on such a kind offer, just as long as you don't 'rim' my mug!!!
  10. QRH have been dismounted right through Telic 8 as were the SDG before them. They've still got their panzers and still maintain and train but they're no out of barracks on them very often.
  11. Yanto you are correct ,We are in the desert a long way from camp smitty living off our ''wimic'' landrovers
    we do have beards (those of use that can grow them) , however there are no Luftwaffe airfields about .
  12. "As I peered into the heat shimmer I saw an image approach. As it got nearer, and took up form I realised that it was the SSM and morale was about to leave" Head and arse down "paveway". The beer is still cold in the 'diff. See you soon.

    "Holding ground" is only done at Kiwi's and the Caroline Street chippie at 3am on a Sunday morning!!!!
  13. lol, I can imagine.