Dismissed for Fraud

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The-Goose, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone confirm that a senior member has been dismissed and received a suspended custodial sentence for fraud?

    No names if it's true they won't be necessary.
  2. err, what are you on about.????
  3. Surely not one of our MPs?
  4. Please, please, please be a) Jock Stirrup or b) Glenn Torpy.
  5. No a Corps officer who used to be at 1MI, apparently got chopped!
  6. I thought that Mr Toupee had already been out a year or more. There was however another very senior RAF officer who disappeared under a cloud in the 90s and I know that he had been on the fiddle.

    If it's who I think it is, he has lost a small fortune in pay, (he was expected to go a bit further up the ladder), pension, and gratuity.
  7. Here's some background to the Enquiry held after the collapse of the LCB case.As usual the case concerned the use of informants.In this case they were NOT registered,even 'though they were participants in the matter!!!Let us hope that thing have improved in SOCA over this particular matter-but I'm not holding my breath!!

  8. One of my 'informants' was shot dead in London,as a result of the missmanagement of this matter.That's one reason I feel agrieved.
  9. Pretty sure it's true, i know someone who was on court martial duties for the case.
    Fiddling JPA in quite a bad way i belive.
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  11. The-Goose look at last weeks Sixth Sense, but to answer your question, yes its true.
  12. Cannot access Sixth sense from here, but does it publish his name / details in full?