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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by kinderbueno, May 23, 2009.

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  1. Ok...i need serious answers to this so if anyone can help i would appreciate it!!

    My other half is in the RE and he was downgraded last year for a back injury and his fitness slipped. He was then put on remedials and his run time was coming back down but was still over. He was then slapped with a warning order for 3 months and his run time continued to come down but not quick enough. His order is now up and he is still 10 seconds off, he is working flat out but seems to have hit a brick wall. He was never notified that he was no longer downgraded either. Can anyone let me know what will happen next, we have heard on the grapevine that his OC is gunning for his dismissal so i need to know whats going to happen, can he do this, or does it go to the powers above etc? How much notice will he get etc, whats the next step if they dont dismiss him?

    Thanks to anyone who can help, sensible answers only please!

    A very worried WAG
  2. If your other half is coming back from an injury from being downgraded and he is still struggling to get his fitness up from that injury than I suggest he re-visits the Medical Officer and explains why he can't pass his fitness tests.

    He should be on a structured fitness programme with the unit PTI to bring him up to the required fitness. His OC is a very small cog in a massive chain! It's not up to him whether your other half is discharged, he can only start the ball rolling.

    It is very rare for an individual to be discharged for medical reasons before he has been given ample opportunity and treatment to pass his fitness tests.
  3. Generally a soldier will be upgraded by the Medical Officer (or regional occupational health team) during a formal medical examination (known as a one man medical board or a two man medical board) downgradings do not time expire automatically.
  4. Its rare (in the RLC anyway) for people to be discharged over their fitness, I've known people to be on remedial PT for over a year and apart from getting promoted not alot else has happened to them.
  5. sounds like the oc has got it in for him and is using a 3 month bender based on fitness as the basis for getting rid.
    i was also placed on a bender for lack of fitness after being downgraded for 12months, although id done remedial pt i was forced back onto battalion pt and after falling back on the first pt session after being upgraded was placed on the bender.
    i spoke to raf legal but was then refused time to visit them, i also spoke to people on armynet to get advice etc. after kickin my teddy out somebody had a word in my ear and motivated me to prove my oc wrong, which i did and was taken off it