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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by kinderbueno, May 23, 2009.

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  1. Ok...i need serious answers to this so if anyone can help i would appreciate it!!

    My other half is in the RE and he was downgraded last year for a back injury and his fitness slipped. He was then put on remedials and his run time was coming back down but was still over. He was then slapped with a warning order for 3 months and his run time continued to come down but not quick enough. His order is now up and he is still 10 seconds off, he is working flat out but seems to have hit a brick wall. He was never notified that he was no longer downgraded either. Can anyone let me know what will happen next, we have heard on the grapevine that his OC is gunning for his dismissal so i need to know whats going to happen, can he do this, or does it go to the powers above etc? How much notice will he get etc, whats the next step if they dont dismiss him?

    Thanks to anyone who can help, sensible answers only please!

    A very worried WAG
  2. This course of action is usually used to get rid of wasters and floaters - usually in the form of a fat useless basket.

    Following an injury on a CFT, I am temporarily downgraded and attend rehab PT daily - almost ready to be upgraded. Approximately 50% of the large rehab contingency are obese and have no interest in improving their fitness - they merely turn up to the 0800 parade and then have most of the morning off. These malingerers have no intention to be upgraded and benefit from it at the expense of others.

    It sounds like your partner has made an effort to regain fitness so this does not apply to him.
  3. He should have gone in front of the MO to pass a PULHEEMS in order to be declared fit to attend rehabilitation trg let alone remedial, under an RI if the unit has one or if not the local rehab unit.

    His case will ultimately have to go in front of the Unit Health Committee UHC), chaired by CO, I suggest he gets a chronolgy of his injury, treatment, rehabilitation, remedial training and any paperwork ie 3MWO.

    Ultimately take legal advice - the Legal Branch at Div HQ may be able to help but I'm really not sure about that - they may only be there for discipline.

    You may wish to start with the Padre or RCMO as both should be members of the UHC.
  4. i applaud your other half's effort its not easy coming back fom an injury or a period of not being very fit. The solution to your problems is however very straight forward. Go out and pass the PFT this will remove the only ammo your OC can use against you.

    I know that may be easy for me to say, but if you are right and your other half is 10 seconds off the pace then he just needs to run faster.

    Look at it this way 10.30 of pain and you get to keep your career. 10.40 and your out of a job that should be motivation enough, regardless of injuries and fitness levels.
  5. Not very useful advice to a WAG from the other posts, if I was in your hubbies shoes, I would approach the Medical Officer, and ask what exactly the medical state is, if he has been upgraded, then it is down to basic fitness, if however heis still downgraded and has been coerced into training whilst being downgraded, then they do not have a foot to stand on, it is only the MO who can deem your hubby fit for training or remedial training or rehabilitation. Hope this helps.
  6. Conversely ensure hubby is telling you the truth (shock horror) :wink:

    If he is downgraded there will be absolutely no pressure on him to achieve any standard of fitness. Just a rehab program

    If he is a fat knacker who is pretending to be victimised. Then he will lie to anyone who is willing to listen
  7. Thanks to everyone who gave proper advice on this, really appreciate it! x
  8. partyr and CAARPS seem to have covered it all,

    have to say that sometimes Unit decide to randomly make an example of individuals to scaremonger the rest of the people in a certain group - in this case the downgraded and in particular your husband.
    If its that important to him he can push hard to cut off those extra 10 seconds - speed training tends to help.

    Out of interest all you mention is his run time, what about his press ups and sit ups? Is he managing to complete all those?

    I am afraid your husband is probably telling you porkies as to being upgraded without knowing about it. Chances are he was only temporarily downgraded in the first place and the run out date on that should be written on the paperwork... Once that run out date has passed he would have been automatically upgraded, that said your husband should have set up a review appointment prior to the run out date if he felt unable to be upgraded.

    Either way if he fails the PFT he gets Admin discharged, if I remember this is not an honourable discharge from the Army and he gets nothing more than a resettlement grant..(Some guru please correct me if wrong) If he is medically discharged from the Army think Immediate pension and honourable discharge
  9. Partr - even less useful advice for a WAG! An MO is not going to discuss anything with a WAG and even if hubby goes to the MO he/she is not in the chain of command and has very little to do with a discharge of fitness grounds that sits (normally) with the Unit Health Committee. Having been involved in or observed 6 potentially similar cases my advice remains extant although the UWO may also be able to help - providing the details in the initial post are correct. If 'hubby' has been telling porkies however all bets are off.