Disillusionment within the Corps

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Billy_B, Jul 12, 2007.

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  1. Having read through a lot of the posts on here, it would appear there is an awful lot of angst among the Corps, especially regarding life at Blandford.

    Are individuals in higher echelons being made aware of such feeling?
  2. yep post edited as was reading through beer goggles at the time
  3. Think you might have mis-read his post, Jim :)
  4. Put your money where your mouth is and end it now.

    Get out or transfer, but don't force your unhappiness on those that don't want it!

    Here, have this instead: :hug:
  5. There is nothing unusual here.

    Having serving 16 years I can quite honestly say that there has been 'angst' in the Corp for that entire 16 years and a lot of it appears to have been ignored by the 'higher echelon' for that same, 16 years.

    i) If it doesn't directly effect them they couldn't care less!!
    ii) If 'angst' and 'misery' is created amongst the lower ranks while furthering your career, that is a perfectly acceptable compromise!!
    iii) There is no 'angst' in the higher echelon, so, obviously, there is no 'angst' at all!!
  6. Bugger me the 'higher echelons are w*nkers and they don't care' slogans really are dull.


    I would argue that you are (after 16yrs) somewhat closer to the higher echelons than you make out.


    If you have that attitude with 4yrs to do then I pity your unit. You have enough time left to do something with your life. If you don't like it, then spend the time working towards career No2, but do not become (perhaps you already are) a whinging f*cker who just p*sses everyone off. It is neither big nor clever.

    Personally my 15+ yrs in the Corps have been gleaming. Great soldiers, great postings, great sport, loads of Ops and a good dose of drinking

    Certa Cito

  7. Purely from my own personal experiences. Not all of them are but the majority are far too interested in furthering themselves at the expense of anyone below them.

    There are many many soldier in the same position, that really love it. Good luck to you and to them, I wish you all the best and hope it stays like that.
  8. This is an old one but still very, very true.

    If your unit is sh1te, do something about it, sort out a club or put in a PPP.

    My career in the Corps has had its ups and downs, but certainly more ups than downs.

    Make the most of the oppertunitys that each unit may give you.
  9. If you've only 4 years colour service left then you're probably a Toxic Leader
  10. Toxic Leader

    I think we have all seen some of them in our times. Again I would hope (nay argue) that they are the exception rather than the rule and that has certainly been my experience.

  11. put in ppp got revoked, extended untill april. cheers, i wanted a posting not an extention.

    edit... i was subject to the biggest windup going. dang and drat my stupidity
  12. As has been said many times, this is not a new story. I joined in 1967 and left in 1996. In that time, I came across many who whinged about things without getting off their arrises and doing something. The number of guys in Cyprus who used to moan about nothing to do used to make me want to scream. I couldn't find enough hours in the day to do all the things available and they used to fess in their pits waiting till the NAAFI opened FFS!
    In my last posting, I had two particular guys who felt the world owed them a living. I interviewed both and gave one the advice, "If you don't like it, leave" as I felt he was wasting my time and his attitude was having a knock on effect with the other guys. The other one was just frustrated because Manning & Records wouldn't give him a good career path. I told him that, if he put his efforts into the Troop and stopped his whinging I'd help him all I could.
    The first one left the next year and, last I heard, has a job in some boring office working for local government. The other guy is now an RSM in the Corps (or was up till last October when I saw him at a reunion).
    So the answer is, guys, you'll only get out of it what you put it into it, honest.
    (PS bit of a whinging prat myself in my younger days..we had a club called the Permanent Corporals Club and used to whinge like crazy. I was almost 30 when I realised what a prat I was...retired as a Major 17 years later so I've been there, done that...once you grow up it gets a helluvalot better and, no, I'm not patronising you. It's always been like that)
  13. What were the reasons givin for turning you down and THEN extending you?

    Surely that is cutting off your nose to spite your face?
  14. not enough blokes.... need time to train new blokes.... havent got time... manpower short.

  15. Oh so piss off the blokes you already have, nice way of doing buisness.

    And are all your blokes really short?