Disillusioned Tory (Gurkha abolishment)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theEnd, Aug 29, 2010.

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  1. I understand this is a "coalition" government, and it's not a full Conservative government. But if the Tories scrap the Gurkhas, I'm withdrawing my support.

    Ring-fencing the NHS yieled no electoral advantage (many saw it as a bluff), and yet that decision means other departments face up to 40% cuts. Including, and later probably more severely, Defence.

    The Gurkhas are the pride of our military history, these brave men fight for Queen and country quite unlike a lot of British people I know in the forces.

    I've worked in the public sector, the number of over-paid, useless, unproductive, usually female middle-managers and beaurocrats chasing targets and other b*shit chores sickens me. And yet scrapping the Gurkhas is mooted.

    It's actually quite hurtful when you put so much faith in a Party that you feel, whilst imperfect and encompassing lots of different philosophical strands and compromises, talks about scrapping the gurkhas. I would never vote for the neofascist gurkha-hating BNP (they truly do sicken me), or the loopy UKIP. But why vote Tory when their most loyal constituency (HM Forces) bear the brunt of Labour's woeful financial mismanagement.
  2. I don't know what you expected. I have never understood the hard-on for the Tories around here. Its a load of bollocks that they care more about the Forces then the other parties- always has been. Supporting the forces is no longer a vote winner.
  3. Its just the Armys turn to leak something for the planning round - the 'disband the Gurkhas' option seems to be trotted out regularly. No decisions have been taken yet, so its just a shot across the bows. Worry in about 6 weeks time if they're still talking about this, as decisions will have been taken then.
  4. The UKIP pretty much said the same things as tories, apart from 3 main differences, being on good terms with the EU but not being in it, building more prisons and locking up one man crime waves, and increasing the size of the armed forces.

    On everything else they were pretty much tories, I don't see anything loopy about them, the only problem was it was pretty much awasted vote, but they're worth a punt in the EU elections having come second last time.
  5. Is there a link to this story?

    theEnd, will you be withdrawing your support if some other regiment gets axed or will it just be the Gurkhas that bother you?
  6. The Gurkhas were doomed as soon as Joanna Lumley leaped in and they over-priced themselves.

    They are top notch infantry not supermen.
  7. ConservativeHome

    I don't want any regiment to be scrapped. But the gurkhas are special, militarily and in prestige. The Argies were frightened of them.
  8. All infantry regard themselves special, militarily and in prestige. Why should the Ghurkas be favoured over anyone else?
  9. They didn't overprice themselves, they just wanted to be treated equally... you know... equality... that mantra that the lefties spout whilst discriminating against anyone worthy and productive.

    I warned before the election that the 3 main parties are more or less identical... I am being proved right.
  10. So, if there was a choice you would disband a British regiment over the Gurkhas? Madness
  11. [​IMG]

    Now tell me you're not firming up just a little bit.

    You know she's thinking about dirty, dirty ................ coal miners.

    Give her a ring, and she'll privatise you.
  12. All Hail Maggie! If only the last lot had half the testicular fortitude she had. Lets hope the current mob have some.
  13. I think, in truth, they had equality thrust upon them by, as you say, a well meaning butcompletely ignorant Left.

    The old system whereby they joined up, did their time, sent most of their pay home
    and then returned with a very good (for Nepal) pension suited everyone, The British,
    the individual soldier and the Kingdom of Nepal.

    Now throw in the right to settle in the UK with all the attendant costs that goes with it thehave suddenly become comparitively
    very expensive.

    It was only a matter of time from then on untill they got binned.

    If you want a lost military heritage to weep over look at the murder of the Scottish
  14. THe Ghurkas did not overprice themselves .They wear the british uniform just like you do (or did).Faught the same wars and conflicts as you lost men just like all the other regiments,and by no means werre inferior fighters so why should they not have the same money ??????????
  15. Because now if there are to be cuts they will be the first to go.