Dishonouring the RCMP?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kromeriz, May 25, 2012.

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  1. The officer from the RCMP appears to be proffering the salute, the trooper seems to have his sword sloped... could some experienced arrser explain?

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  2. The Blue and Royal in question is an officer. The old guard forms up in their line and the new guards forms up opposite. The Guard commnader (CoH / Sgt) goes in with the new posts and they take over from the old sentries (Still on parade in the boxes / on their feet). This process takes about 20 minutes, so usually on a long guard (which mean Queens in Buck palace) officer / Trumpeter / The Standard goes on guard, the officers will usually sit in the middle and chin wag while they are waiting! RCMP guy is probably carrying his sword out of respect for the fact he's talking to an officer of the regiment, or maybe that's what the RCMP do when they chat whilst mounted.
  3. No Salute. That's the Carry
  4. Cheers gents

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    More to the point, why have we got people on donkeys, armed with swords, guarding HMQ? I know times are hard but can't we afford some decent automatic weapons and some blacked out hummers? A thousand years on, she has the same level of security as William the Conqueror but with less armour. It's a national disgrace.
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  6. Grass is cheap
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  7. Not really, automatic weapons are effective for sure, but to hit would be attacker of HMQ with one of those swords would not only do the job, but also make one bloody big mess and probably said out a strong message!
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  8. Hay - That's the main part of their diet (Plus nuts and chaff), plus if you put them in a field, you might even find the grass grows for free!
  9. Its also a form of salute to, whilst your sword is at the carry, slope swords, dwell a pause and then return to the carry, so the officer may be returning or offering compliments.

  10. I doubt it, due to the fact that his eyes are closed and his mouth is open with the jaw hanging down, I can only presume the officer is trying to think of something sensible to say!
  11. Friday night... how do you HIT someone with a sword exactly... unless you are Sharpe... would you not skewer the fecker, run him through, and and and, BUT hit?

    Next, letting the fecker slide off the point - apparently swords were good for killing people slowly, after a couple of hours like... how do you feel that would send out a message. Said Terrorist would be given first class treatment, passport, benefits and home.

    FF is right. Shoot the fecker in the head or spear him through the eye ball. Read more Hervey man!!! Heavens, watch Ironclad - that's the way to do it!!!
  12. IT IS FRIDAY night - cut backs have had an impact on apples?

    Serious point. I have now taught several students in Central London at that ... military club... across the park.
    The horsemanship of the Unit is amazing and the foreign students love watching the Unit train.
  13. 'Dishonouring?' Even if we discovered a slight hiccup in protocol, are you suggesting a deliberate insult tantamount to dishonouring (whatever that is) would have been on the cards? Feels like an attempt to scramble the outrage coach and horses...
  14. Failure to show due respect, return the form. Don't you get all uppity on me Vic because I is with the New Model Army, and them Cavs got spitted!

    I has been there and I as done it like. Twitched a bit when Troop were stopped and the old git asked why I was not saluting...
  15. They are not guarding HMQ, that is the job of the Metropolitan Police.

    They are sitting at what used to be the front gate of her garden.