Dishonourable discharge??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by SPIRAL, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. Hi,
    I would like to know if there is a way I can find out why someone has been (dishonourably) discharged from the army? Thanks :)
  2. Oh and by the way, I don't want to know for malicious reasons. It is a family member and I am sick of being lied to. Just want to know the truth and once I do I'll leave it. Please can someone help with this? Much appreciated
  3. Challenge him to produce his discharge papers.
  4. He can get all his(I presume its a male) military records from Glasgow or wherever his records are kept, if he has nothing to hide, no problem, takes a few weeks, but you get every single bit of paper sent to records in your whole career. (I got mine last year)

    Here is the link, and the form he needs is here:

    I am not sure if you can get anything about him yourself, as anything about him is covered by the disclosure act, but if he has nothing to hide, he can get it himself. If he keeps telling you its all secret and cant get any info on himself, get very close to his ear, and shout 'BULLSH1T'.........

    Once he has it, you will see all of his service record right up to his discharge date, once you have seen it, you can decide what to do next.

    Hope this helps
  5. People dont get discharged overnight (you can acquire a discharge overnight, but its a completely different thing). If he has been dishonourably discharged, he has probably been in a little bother, and either his Commanding Officer has applied for his discharge or he has been discharged at Courts Martial.

    Its impossible to believe that he would find himself on civi street, with a dishonourable discharge, and have absolutely no clue as to how he got there (you would generally start asking questions when you were told to pack). Theres always the chance that he's been a complete prat, or been extremely foolish and let himself and his mates down, and doesnt want to tell you about it - in which case he's an adult and its his business.

    Why is it so important that you know?
  6. Without giving his (or yours) name away, do you know what regiment, when, what company / Squadron, and anything to distinguish him, i.e a nickname, or is it too long ago.

    what makes you think he was dishornourably discharged.

  7. I remember a chief clerk being court martialled & binned for getting stuck accross a (male) recruit but told his Mrs he'd lost some documents.....
  8. Oh and I forgot to add, his regimental conduct sheet is part of the series of forms and papers you get back from records, so if hes been a bad lad, it will show on there for sure.
  9. Is he walting it up or you just arn't sure?
  10. Thanks for your replies everyone. It's a female actually. Wanted to know because I feel like they think I must be stupid to believe that someone gets booted out for being late in passed the curfew and forgetting a kit bag. If it was a case of just wanting to keep the real reason quiet then I would respect that but they have involved other members of the family and constructed stories about why they have been home for months with full pay. I have found out from someone else that they have been discharged and those are the reasons they have given. As one of you said 'BULLSHIT!'. They don't know that I know and it's all a bit messy. Guess I am just really annoyed that they've been giving it loads saying how fantastic they are and how much better than everyone else because they are in the army and all along they've been kicked out. You would think they'd keep their mouths shut when they knew that. I was very proud of them and I suppose I'm just hurt that they felt the need to lie. Like I said, keeping it quiet and maybe just saying they were considering their options or something would have been fine but they've gone to the extreme to pretend and make up stories to cover themselves. I hate liars. Now I've calmed a bit, I've realised it isn't any of my business so I won't take it further. Just have to hope that one day they tell me themselves. Thanks for the good advice anyway. :)
  11. Actually whilst I'm here, just out of curiosity if it was a dishonourable discharge would they be able to join a different regiment at a later date? Thanks
  12. Not likely
  13. If the discharge seemed to appear from nowhere its a good chance that they have been found taking drugs during a random Compulsory Drug Test and discharged very quickly as a result.
  14. Not a chance, it its services no longer required..its forever
  15. Yeah, its like being sacked from a firm and asking to go to a different department.