Dishonourable Discharge - do you lose all back pay?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by specky2, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. A mate of mine served in the TA but got into trouble and ended up in a civilian prison for a few months (no court martial). That led to a dishonourable discharge. He's gutted about his mistake and letting people down, but he's trying to make the best of things.

    Here's my question. When he was arrested, the Army owed him some wages. Quite a lot. Has he lost them because of his discharge? Or can he claim them somehow?

    Really welcome any advice. Cheers.
  2. Why can't you admit it was you?
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  3. Actually J, I think the "mate" aspect has a certain "je ne sais quoi" don't ya?
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  4. It wasn't. Really! I'm not in the Army, and I'm bound to show myself up. Trying to find out for a friend.
  5. Dirty lying criminal.
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  6. Can't he just go into the TA center and ask the admin officer ?
  7. I don't think that a civil conviction would result in loss of pay owed to him.

    Are you sure it was a "dishonourable discharge" rather than SNLR?

    Tell him to write to the adj of his former unit.
  8. Thanks alot.

    Not sure if it was SNLR. An Army rep just turned up in prison with discharge papers for him to sign. I'll get him to write.

  9. I'm surprised you know what SNLR means, did your 'mate' tell you?
  10. Walt walt!
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  11. Tell your mate that what he was owed by the TA has been duely absorbed by the tax man to pay for his stay at one of Her Majesty's Hotels. And if 'he' doesn't like it, tell him to ring ******* Strasbourg, who'll no doubt treble it and make the filthy convict scum a labour peer
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  12. Oh and another thing why the **** didn't your 'friend' do Colly too? One army and all that
  13. Because some crimes you go straight to civvy nick.
  14. plus he has to be signed in or it doesn't count.
    as those tossers with the fake pictures got off because of that.
  15. Pay is Pay and under UK employment law, only tax and NI can be compulsorily taken off you. Every other deduction is to be found in your contract with your employer.
    Seems unlikely that failing to pay you arrears of pay is permitted by any employer.
    So ask for it back, and if they won't show why they won't give you the money, take them to an industrial tribunal.