Dishonorable Disclosures

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. Today I saw a YouTube video put together by a group of intelligence officers and special operations personnel who formed a group called "OPSEC" to present how leaks from Washington have jeopardized the lives of special operations forces and those of intelligence sources.

    Dishonorable Disclosures - YouTube

    The group has a website:
    OPSEC Team |

    I was a bit shocked at the amount of information that was released about the Obama raid. I have a friend who gets really upset about this. He is retired USN but his son, a USN officer is currently deployed with a DEAL team and the level of disclosure scares him.
  2. David,

    I managed to watch to about the half way point. Were it not an election year I might have been a tad more receptive to the concerns expressed, but this is all a bit obvious. The sad fact is that the Obama administration is not unique among the lodgers at 1600 Pennsylvannia Ave in leaking for political purposes - remind me on whose watch a CIA officer was outed for political ends?
  3. The irony.
  4. This affair has a much different context (and culprit) of course than was hysterically alleged (as fact) against the evil GWB, of whom I am no fan either). In addition, there are salient differences in the two not the least of which the SEALs point out are the critical nature of the means/methods and sources for future ops crassly made public by our current Masters.

    Indeed, if one cuts through the hyperbolic coverage of the Plame matter in the media F/K/A the "press" as it had become. a virtual progressivist propaganda arm of our Masters, one can see the marked difference between the 2.
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  5. JJH,

    I suspect we agree more than we disagree on the ‘worth’ of politicians and the media.

    As I have admitted I gave up half way through the video. But I stand by my point that whatever the rights and wrongs of the administration’s handling of classified information in the wake of OBL’s demise, this video is primarily (and not very subtly) about politics, not national security.

    I also stand by my point that every recent administration has leaked classified information, either deliberately in furtherance of policy/political goals; or simply as part of the unholy alliance of government, those who seek to benefit from government, and those who commentate on government that is DC's DNA.
  6. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of what has been leaked/disclosed, it's pretty clear that the main problem for those behind the film is that they will never be able to stomach a black president, whatever his politics.

    The military personnel who may well have genuine cause for complaint are being cynically used by those who care far less than Obama about how many of them may get killed on future operations.
  7. I await your evidence of racist motivation. Quite ridiculous IMHO not to mention an unsubstantiated canard against better warriors than you or me.
  8. Flaggie -

    Your post inspired me to look at the entire video again.
    There is not one thing - nothing at all - to support your claim that "it's pretty clear that the main problem for those behind the film is that they will never be able to stomach a black president". If you can point out one word or phrase indicative of that you should point it out.
    I strongly suspect that your claim is based in some preconceptions you hold regarding Americans rather than having any basis in fact.
  9. Disagree with Obama about anything at all? You're a racist. I wouldn't bother looking for any more reasoning than that.

    I watched the video twice just because the line "redeployed to heaven" made me chuckle.
  10. Is that like a SEAL team but with Noel Edmunds as I/C?
  11. Sorry! A typo. The word is SEAL.
  12. Quite right too. Anyone that dislikes Obama is a racist even the black ones. The bastards.

  13. My paternal granddad was an engineering officer aboard USS Gato--4 combat patrols in WWII. He always professed an extreme loathing and distrust for elected officials. A certain Congressdolt went to the Navy Dept during the war expressing concern about the safety of USN submariners fighting in the Pacific. The Navy Dept informed him that USN sub crews were performing well, especially because the Japanese were habitually setting their depth charges too shallow (apparently they weren't aware how deep our fleet subs could dive.) Jackass immediately tells the press, "Those dumb Nips are setting their depth charges too shallow." Those "dumb Nips" fixed that problem quickly.

  14. Shove your "racism" accusations up your ass, and please twist them sideways. I'm fcuking sick and goddamned tired of every time someone points out the mal- or misfeasance of a black public official, the screech is constantly "RAAAACCCCIIISSSSTTTT". Guess what, you're not intimidating us with that anymore.
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