Dishonest Crap & Ebay

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by waffen, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. His wife's a real looker ain't she? And has that bloke in front of her got his arse on back to front?
  2. He nicked one a day and got his missis to flog them on eBay. Wrong, but I doubt it was malicious as the article seems to make out. With the amount of kit I've been issued and flogged on eBay, err... Never mind.
  3. I'm sure there's a few Flt Sgt's who won't be overly upset at the thought of a Warrant slot being opened up!
  4. 43 ? This scumbag must have joined up at about the same time as me, what I have to ask is why does someone on an RAF WO's wage need to rob, £15,000 is hardly a massive fortune is it ?
  5. Maybe it was to feed his wifes' inherent Greggs addiction
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  6. We've all had a 'long-term borrow' of shiny stuff off the MOD.

    This dirty thieving shit stole torniquets, the use of which is to prevent massive egress of blood from the body. I hope next time (god forbid) someone loses their life due to a lack of these essentials, they stick a manslaughter charge on him as well.

    I hope he ends up with an arse like a blood orange, the ****.

    I need to get of this fence, I'll end up with splinters in my arse.
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  7. Over 3 years, it's not much at all. He could get hold of as many tourniquets as he wanted, thought of them as disposable items, and picked a few up each week for his wife to flog for beer tokens. I doubt he thought of it as theft.

    Definitely should have known better at his rank, but 'scumbag' is a bit strong.
  8. Come now Delta Dog, I can hold my hand up and honestly say that I have acquired a lot of things, theft was not the intent. Like most squaddies, I just forgot to give them back.

    This was life-saving equipment & he made a conscious decision to permanently deprive the MOD and profit from his actions.

    Never mind 'scumbag', I think my use of the words 'thieving shit' & '****' are entirely appropriate.
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  9. Stole tourniquets from the trauma packs at an FOB = Scumbag.
    Stole tourniquets from the stores at Halton = Stupid for getting caught.
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  10. While there's good honest stuff from good honest folk sold on EBay, there's a lot of crap and counterfeit gear, including documents knocked up by chancers' at home, which even an idiot would spot. One wheeze is printing regimental badges and mottoes on to paper, with a cute little poem or story. Ten quid. Sweet.

    Surely nobody's that stupid? Yep, my wife.
  11. What the **** is a combat ACTION tourniquet? And who would actually want to buy a CAT?
  12. Since the design change took place, is it possible to redesign the first tourniquet or is it written off. Would be interesting to see if stores security is increased.

    Apart from cash what was his motive, young children not enough money for lifestyle or simple greed.
  13. I think the motive is as old as time. Can I make a few extra quid?

    This is why you occassionally hear about Generals, barristers, surgeons etc, getting caught for fiddling measly amounts on expenses despite them being on big wages.
  14. Woody brought a torniquet off fleabay he as yet hasnt applied it too his neck.
    But give it time :)

    Although the yanks let him buy an sks he only managed to cut himself with the attached bayonet twice:)