Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Gun_Brickie, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Over here in the Great White North, we're into the final 2 weeks of election campaigning. Now what that means is that the attack ads have been trotted out, and here is one that our governing party (Liberal) cancelled at the last moment (but not before the damage was done). It just sickens me the way that they slag off the Services for election purposes, that they're as frightening as Brownshirts.


    Would any UK parties cobble together something this appalling?
  2. .....as opposed to shovels in their hands on the snowy streets of Toronto!

    (You need to listen to the clip first.....there was a large fuss a couple of years ago when the reserves were deployed to dig out a number of streets after a particularly heavy snowfall)
  3. Who'd think the Liberals would use Canadian soldiers for political purposes? Shocking, no? Welcome to the past 139 years of Canadian history.

    But you are right, the ad comes off as trying to portray the Canadian soldier as the "enemy of the people". Perhaps we should ask the typical resident of Bloor Street or Yonge Street this simple question:

    Tonight there will be a young man with a gun on your nearest street corner. Would you prefer it to be:

    a. an anonymous thug belonging to a gang you never heard of that will shoot indiscriminately if he feels even remotely threatened; or

    b. a Canadian soldier with strict rules of engagement that may permit him to carry a firearm, but that forbid him from using anything more lethal than harsh language?

    Ahhh, well, at least we know what Ottawa thinks of us. And I return those same friendly thoughts to them.
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The trouble here is that all our politcal parties pretend to support the military buty shaft us at every opportunity
  5. The Liberal Party of Canada has never given the Armed Forces a fair deal. Every hair brained idea that has grossly affected the CF has come from them, the biggest being that great success story, the lead of which was followed by all other advanced countries, Unification.

    Sadly, in days gone by, when the overseas Armed Forces vote was waited for an election count, it was usually 'Liberal' Then again, if it wasn't it was suggested it shouldn't be counted.
  6. I wholeheartedly agree. I live in the area that the Hellyers made their fortune, and every time I drive by Hellyer's horse farm (which is going bankrupt as far as I know), the bile rises in my throat, and I snort and hock out a gob that expresses my uttermost contempt for Paul (and Pearson, for listening to such a loose cannon).
  7. Traditionally (in the US) some separation between federal troops and civil society
  8. midwesterner noted:

    Yes... "concertina wire"


  9. Bliar and his bunch if they thought it help them........ :evil:
  10. WEATHERMAN1956

    US civil society,...better?
  11. Better than what?
  12. RCSignals-Better that I clarified
  13. Has Danny DeVito joined the U.S Army?
  14. No That's 'Ms.' DeVito.