Disgusting treatment of war widow

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vespa, Apr 14, 2003.

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  1. just found out the insensitive treatment of a gulf war widow asked to pay out standing wages back and told to leave the house   :mad:

    makes you sick after the sacrifice what do they want blood from stone ?


    this is the worst recruitment material for the armed forces at a time when they are short staffed  ::)
  2. Vespa,

    Come on . . there are two sides to this argument and you have presented just one.

    Read the bottom of the article to which you have linked:

  3. i know , there is no smoke without fire tho , the bottom line is that it could have been handled more sensitivly
  4. I note with interest the Weasel Duncan-Smith jumped straight on it.

    I appreciate it could have been handled with more sensitivty, in this case by the Bluppet Broadcasting Corporation. Another example of not letting the facts get in the way of a good story

    Care to comment Jake?
  5. the second side of the argument was wrong, just seen the ITN news, the MOD just said sorry. ::)  The PM must of been misinformed...again. The letter from Poole made it very clear, pay us back.

    Looks like in the comming weeks and months the press will be full of storys on how the MOD Sh*t on the blokes when not needed.
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Its the MOD- we all know how they operate- why the suprise, the computer has told some civvy to write to the family and claim back the overpayment!

    It's the MINISTRY OF DEFENCE! We are numbers!- They have no mercy.

    Hoon resign and do us all a favour!
  7. There's a couple of issues I take here PTP.

    First, weasel or not, Duncan -Smith is an ex serving squaddie, so is probably better able to answer this than Blair, even with his backroom boys spinning it into a mistake and the PM is not all happy....

    The second is this, and what makes me really pissed off, if this woman was an Iraqi or any number of peoples who may be anti-uk asking for asylum, they would fall over themselves to give her whatever they need, and probably some stuff she didn't.

    It's no excuse to shift the blame from department to department, this sort of thing just shouldn't happen.
  8. In light of the subsequent revelations Shotgun, I was mistaken in referring to IDS as a weasel in this instance.I retract it, pending re-issue at a later date ,I know he won't let me down :)

    Makes a chap worry who he's going to vote for in the next one, as they are all as bad as each other.

    Well, at least one Widow looks like she might be receiving fair treatment now, but what about the other widows? Did they all receive similar letters?

    And yes, Hoon does need to resign , back in the old days, didn't Defence Secretaries fall on their swords or something?
  9. PTP - Yes, I would care to comment: Not on the substance of the story, because I don't know the facts, however, if even the 'gist' of the story is correct, then it is correct that it is brought into the public domain and that those responsible for this 'error' should be brought to book - or would you prefer the M.O.D. be allowed to get away with it, and make an apology which I'm sure is meaningless. - As for the family concerned, I personally am shocked, appalled and saddened at the treatment received....
  10. Somebody please gouge my eyes out, I find myself agreeing with Jake :(
  11. If this was not brought up in the public domain I wonder if the MOD would still made her pay?
  12. Reading between the lines and picking up on comments from Lewis Mooney, it would appear that Mrs Seymour was given information for future reference and has taken it out of context.
    The UWO gave her a letter containing information regarding her future, for instance stating that she will need to find somewhere to live in around 6 months. As far as I'm aware, no formal notice to quit has been issued.  
    I think the UWO could have waited a bit longer - but then he is an ex-RSM in all liklihood.
    Regarding the repayment of money - this would appear to be a big f**k up, as stated probably from some penpusher.

    Overall, it is my humble opinion that while it could have been handled better, most of what Mrs Seymour has been told is correct, less the obvious 'give us his dosh back' bit.
  13. When you're a civvy like me that just watches the news every night there's only one side you ever get to hear - the one media portrays.  Most people watching would've sighed in disgust or started chatting to their partner again when it came to the bit where the MoD said they screwed up.
  14. This would be the same MoD that has steadfastly refused to give me the pay increment that I was due in January and consequently is not paying me the wage to which i am legally entitled.  Any civvy company that acted this way would undoubtedly be prosecuted.  Glasgow, Poole and the RAF pay centre (wherever that must be) must be staffed totally by Wnakers, cos I've yet to meet any serviceman who hasn't had major fkups with pay
  15. I prefix with the adage: 'Rules are for the blind obediance of fools and the guidance of the wise.' The rules state that you can only occupy a married quarter if you or your spouse is entitled to accommodation. We had a number of occasions in NI where soldiers were killed and their wives had to leave MQs.  The stated reason for 'giving 6 months notice' was that a council wouldn't consider a wife homeless until the threat of eviction was in place. Once evicted then housing benefit etc could be applied. Catch 22 or what?  However the world has changed and we all have to be more sensitive in dealing with the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.