Disgusting things that........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jase2472, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. At work the other day me and a mate was talking about what is the most disgusting thing that has happened to yourself or a mate or what you have do to someone esle.................

    His was that he once stuck a small piece of sh*t up a mates nose :cry:
  2. Had a bloke place small amounts of poop in someones gloves on excercise for a laugh, when he took them off it was behind his fingernails and everywhere, gopping to say the least,still makes me chuckle to this day!!
  3. Sheep Sh1t in the front pad of a tin bin. Bloke couldn't understand why he could smell sh1t every where he went.
  4. I heard of a Tp Sgt who wanked into a syringe and then injected the Tp Comd's Tooth paste tube!!!! Still makes me laugh now!!!!!
  5. Class! I'm borrowing that one next exercise
  6. When in Ph 1 Trg we put a trout into the Resi case of an 'overseas colleague' when the GAS GAS GAS was called he donned the respirator in a speedy 28 seconds and proceeded to fill it with his stomach contents!!!

    When rubbing the puke from his face he also rubbed the CS in!!!!! I nearly suffocated in my resi laughin so bloody much!!!!

    We also put the CSgt's Blues in his bergen, not so funny when he beasted us to Death!!!
  7. Skiffing a blokes chin strap and watch hm gagging all day.
  8. MEGA!!!!!!!! I'm laughing like a fcuking loon here!! Shit the bed this is a GREAT thread for a childish twat like me!!!!
  9. A rock on QCS, all the guys just about to march on to EARLS COURT a sgt named cotdeath sticks his finger up his arse then rubs it on one guys top lip as he marchs on
  10. Put dog sh it in the pockets of a mates jeans, while they were still drying on the washing line.
  11. I did something to ConvoyCock once but you'll have to ask him about it, I'm saying nothing.
  12. Was Cotdeath his first or second name?!!?
  13. Named was his 1st name
  14. That's a stoopid name!
  15. I once swamped in a blokes mouth because he was snoring too loud, woke the fcuker up it did!