Disgusting foreigners

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by boney_m, Nov 14, 2003.

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  1. Anybody else come across foreigners with disgusting habbits?

    Were shareing a camp with about 600 of our polish brethren, and every morning they feel the need to empty the contents of their noses into the sinks and leave without washing the sink out. Its bloody disgusting and is making me gip. On the plus side, one of the porta loos blew over in the wind a few days ago with a Pole inside, which was a bit of a laugh.

    Any other foreigners with disgusting habbits?
  2. I did an exchange with the Germans, who had the appalling habit of starting work at 0700, and for no good reason, as all they did when they got there was drink coffee until 0830.
  3. Though I can't think of any particular habits, the Welsh are well known disgusting foreigners.
  4. The johnny Gurkhas, used to come straight off Pcoy tabs and jump straight in the showers with all their clobber on, dhobying themselves and their kit in a one-er.

    You might say clever and time saving rather than disgusting. But not if, like me, you went in there after and found yourself standing in a giant pair of Nepalese undercrackers with what looked like a mars bar sewn into the gusset.
  5. The Asian blokes across the road from my mates house coming out of the mosque at night. Every evening a hoard of them stand on the pavement and with every muster of strength, they suck in hard, and chug up the biggest, flemiest gob I've ever witnessed. Almost synchronized together. Spectacular sight and sound, especially when eating in the front room.
  6. Dockers Omlette I believe is the correct term :D
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  7. Dockyard Oyster is another permutation,

    and thats me 200.
  8. Quite common on the All Arms Commando Course as well - that 58 pattern webbing was like chamois leather by the end - not as daft as they looked eh ????
  9. The Septics have a habit of refilling coke bottle with spit when the are chewing tabacco. It is effing grim to talk to someone gobbing in a bottle. It is even worse when you nick the wrong coke.
  10. Know what you mean OfO, our aircon tech is a septic, and he does the same into empty water bottles, this does make them easier to spot tho. He gave me a try of his Copenhagen chewing tobacco a few weeks back - almost blew me breakfast over my boots.

    Another disgusting bunch were an indian family who used to run the Ram Danni family canteen at the swimming pool in HQ Brunei garrison. They used to turn the tap on outside their house and gather round the storm drain to clean their teeth and wash in the morning. I mean, the rats used to use the storm drains as a 2 lane motorway!! These were the people who were cooking your chicken noodles when you went to the pool - skiprats!!
  11. i once knew a Nigerian, who was in training, used to sing religious hymns to himself all day long, occassionally out loud. completely oblivious to anyone else.

    No real harm there, but progressed in to chastising oppos who cocked up with 'God is punishing you...' total nutter.

    Found at 4am in block corridor doing pressups, bucknaked, toothbrush in gob,humming hymns again.

    Never ever on time for anything,eventually binned, but went awol to London before officially discharged, and thus deportation !!! Only came here for a chess tournament !!
  12. Those who aren't man enough to swallow it. I agree, it is rather disgusting.
  13. It has been known for some Islanders (ie Fijians, Samoans etc) living in Auckland to cut a hole in the kitchen floor so that the pigs living undernieth the house can be fed on food scraps from above.

    Otara - Welcome to the 4th World
  14. The French,
    I know that every now and then people have to slum-it and do their buisness squatting over a hole in the ground but why do the French apply this to public toilets?
    The thing-is that even when they opt for the normal sort with a bowl rather than two foot-islands they still neglect to supply a seat and have rather spartan and very cold porcelain. I have travelled the the country an awful-lot and i still know not how they do it.
    Does anyone know? I can see only four options...

    a) They create a disposable one from their greaseproof toilet-paper.

    b) They sit on the porcelain and doubtless freeze to it during the colder months.

    c) They can by some superhuman feat hover just-above the surface while they do what must.

    d) It is all a horrid joke to confuse ignorant foreigners who do not realise that you need simply clap your hands three times and an en-suite bathroom unfolds from the floor!

    ...Righty ho, perhaps not 'd' then... :roll:

  15. CIG, the French aren't the only ones to do this. I've seen these types in Italy and Bahrain.