Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 307, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. 307

    307 War Hero

    Nationwide vigils for our 100 dead in Iraq

    Families of the bereaved and antiwar campaigners are holding vigils for the 100 British forces personnel who have lost their lives in Iraq.

    Stop the War Coalition held a protest in Parliament Square last night. They were joined by Respect MP George Galloway and former Labour MP Tony Benn to read out the names of the dead before today's planned vigils throughout the UK.

    Yesterday, Corporal Gordon Alexander Pritchard, 31, became the 100th British armed forces personnel to be killed since the start of hostilities in Iraq. He was married with children.

    His family of the British soldier killed in Iraq have paid tribute to a man who was "the epitome of a modern, professional soldier".

    Just a day earlier, 22-year-old Lance Corporal Allan Douglas, also from the 7th Armoured Brigade, serving with the 1st Battalion The Highlanders, was killed by enemy fire in southern Iraq.

    Prime Minister Tony Blair has vowed to see through the job in Iraq.

    He said: "It is important because what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq is that the people of those countries want to leave behind terrorism and extremism and they want to embrace democracy."

    And Defence Secretary John Reid paid tribute to the "determination, courage, professionalism and sacrifice" of British personnel in Iraq.

    Of the 100 British military personnel who have died since March 2003, 77 have been killed as a result of hostile action while 23 died from other causes.

    Happy with the acknowledgment of the troops sacrifices but absolutely sickened by the use of the mourning of the dead to put a political message out, what right's that piece of scum Galloway got to have anything to do with HM forces, wasn't it he who was reported as supporting the very people who did these killings? Anti-war using the media attention this subject has as a ferry to get their message across, snivveling c*nts, they don't rally care, they're just piggy backing. Stupid trampy, scummy, long haired student, weed smoking wastes of oxygen, what do they know about anything tossers. Cannot even properly honor the memory of those fallen in the name of allowing them to act like such tossers freely.
  2. Too right
  3. Lets put an arrse Fatwah on Galloway!
  4. Well said mate. Galloway by nature is the kind of person who would always use stuff like that. There are always lefties out there who will always think they are 100% right and will refuse to see any other side of the arguement. Idiots like that are resposnible for the changes that are killing the country, the press don't help either. In fact the press even though they say they hate George "made me vomit with his pussy cat impression" Galloway feed the fires that keep the public from standing behind the forces.
  5. Too bloody right. Anti war protestors always go on about how wrong the war was but nobody really cares to find out what the soldiers who have fight it and unfortunatly some die doing it think. How dare they hijack a memorial to get there own political message across. Especially Galloway the man who urged the Iraqi's to fight British forces.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Galloway's nothing more than a skid mark in a tramps underpants! Pity they let him out of the BB house!(Mind you,I bet Parliment were glad of the break!)
    Tosser that he is!
  7. 307:

    Etiquette in the Current Affairs board normally dictates that a link or info from where the source comes from, is posted with the cut and paste. Could you provide this as well please?

    The Anti-war coalition and the likes of Tony Ben argued that we should not have gone there in the first place. There are numerous threads on this site about the public and poli's not backing the troops. I would turn this on it head and say:

    a. These guys do give a shite about us [the troops].
    b. Have pressured TCH and Blair to extact 'us' from IZ.
    c. Look we went to war with about a 50/50 split in public support for the operation, many serving and ex serving pers had, and still have concerns about what and why we went to war as does the anti-war coalition.
    d. These same people actively campaign for the civil liberties and rights that many of estemmed Daily Mail readers raise on threads on this website.

    That said, I wish that Galloway had not turned up, but it is a free soceity....and as herrenbloke/stiff digit/general salute pointed on the freedom of speach thread, we still have the right to make speeches that offend others blah blah..

    On a lighter note, can the MP for Bow be added to the Labour cabinet for target practice with AS90's see the coup thread for further info.
  9. Jailor wrote:

    On a lighter note, can the MP for Bow be added to the Labour cabinet for target practice with AS90's see the coup thread for further info.

    How about strapping him onto an MLRS rocket?
  10. 307

    307 War Hero

    My link was actually the NTLworld homepage, but same story. I am still of the mind that anti-war activists are using this event as nothing more than a stage to sound off about their views. By their very views these soldiers died commiting criminal acts, so why should they care. If they were carrying out such vigils as anonymous ublic who wish to express support for those afected by these losses and honoring the glorious deads memory then that's another matter, but events such as this should never have even a hint of political spin in them, it's tottally innapropriate.
  11. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

  12. If this could be arranged , then i think that even Mrs Darthspud would let me get back into uniform at least for the fire mission duration.
  13. 307

    307 War Hero

    All strapping him to an MLRS rocket would do is take him to a great height then drop him to the ground considering they deploy bomblets, how about thying him down behind the rocket pods so he gets the backblast!
  14. I agree with Jailor. It was a Stop the War Coalition protest, they weren't hijacking November 11th and they were making the same political point that they have been making since before the war. In that, they are consistant and sticking to their guns. Galloway too (spit), is only saying what he has always said and in that sense is not jumping on any bandwagons (for a change).

    It was in Parliament Square too, not at the Cenotaph, and I think it was a bona-fide political protest that they were entitled to make. They make a point about 100 British dead that is relevant, and it is a milestone that should be highlighted. The same individuals were saying before the war that there would be heavy losses and they are proved right and as far as I could see, reading the names was done as respectfully as possible.

    I would rather the public were reminded of the cost than the blokes forgotten.

    Having defended the cnuts, allow me to say that I was a bit perturbed to see hundreds of professionally produced printed plywood signs with a 'bloodspot' graphic. Just how long have they been sitting in a warehouse waiting for yesterday?