Disgusted at the nerve of some foreigners

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by MSI64, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Just been home for an early lunch and was disgusted by what I saw on the TV
    Immigrant turns up at a Railway station in London, Has no visa or passport
    Appears to have no reason for leaving his home country Not seeking asylum just turns up
    AND now expects a normal family to take him in feed and clothe him The sheer neck of some people gets on my Nerves I pay my taxes and I am expected to subsides this Immigrant


    Paddington either go home or pay your own way Stop sponging off the Browns
  2. Someone should warn him to keep away from the underground, the last south american illegal immigrant got 10 rounds to the head...... :D
  3. FFS why do you always have to drag it back to the illegals. This bear is here to entertain the kids because none of the 'british bears' want the job. He has shown willing and has even tried to adopt British standards with his clothing and choice of food. Admittedly he looks like a tw@t and marmalade sandwiches are a bit sh1T but he is trying and he deserves a crack at the whip so to speak. You'll be attacking Rupert next for his 'gay' trousers. I demand that MSI should get an O2 Tag for this blatant attack on the 1. The homeless and 2 Immigrants and 3 for attacking homosexuals (probably)
  4. Dear MSI64,

    I'm new to this country and am looking for a family to adopt me. I be waiting for you out side Paddington Station. You will be able to see me as I wear a big black hat and blue flasher mac. I had to leave my native land because of flashing my Aunty in Puru.

    P.S Do you have a good supply of Marmilade?
  5. Oh dear IT_Guy, read the last line of his post.

  6. Are you implying that Rupert took it up the hoop?

    Dont even get me started there playing with his friends in a wood (not a designated play area for children)
    Messing around near water no life jackets

    this bear is a Health and Safety nightmare FFS Qman you of all people should know better
  8. Noddy never wears a seat belt either
  9. I thought Paddington was "into" Marmite these days?
  10. Absoloutly not! and you should be aware that I wholeheartedly support Ruperts right to make a life choice and defend his right to take other bears straight up the sh1tbox and gobble them off in boats if he so wishes.
  11. Are you attacking his right to enjoy 'marmite' with other likeminded bears in the privacy of his own home. He has not broken 'claws 28' (bears....claws 28........geddit?) you know? and just because he is a peruvian national does not mean he should not enjoy the same freedoms as other bears in this country. It was probably attitudes like yours which drove this poor asylum seeker out of Peru in the 1st place. Grow up FFS
  12. I always thought he was into Mrs Brown. Think about it, she was all for having a young South American bit of rough come and be there house boy.
  13. I disagree with you on the very idea that Paddington has tried to integrate himself into community.
    He has allied himself with the Hoodie wearing lowlifes with his choice of dress
    Rupert with his tartan scarf obviously his Gang colours FFS

    When are going to learn that these Bears are at the very heart of all that is bad with this country

    How long is it till we see the youth of today stealing picnic baskets?
  14. I heard this morning that the government has converted two bear homes for use solely by foreign bears. They're also under pressure to increase allowances for bearers.

    Has the world gone mad ??!
  15. I have to agree on this point but surely you will see that if we accept them for who they are give them social housing and support them with benefits than they won't need to resort to the sort of criminal activity that plagues Jellystone Park in America. Show the bears a little understanding and it will pay massive rewards leading to fully integrated and productive members of society that have a vital role to play in a modern Bear tolerant Britain.