Disgust At Lego Terrorist Toys

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by exnorthener, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. i want some of these

    range of Lego-style fighting figurines - including an Islamic terrorist militant - has sparked outrage among Muslims.

    The Islamic terrorist Lego figurine, as seen in the BrickArms online shop

    The toy mini-figures, made by American Will Chapman, includes a masked terrorist bandit with an assault rifle, grenade launcher and belt of explosives.

    Shocked by the playthings, British Muslim organisation the Ramadhan Foundation has branded the figurines "absolutely disgusting".

    Chief executive Mohammed Shafiq said the figures were "glorifying terrorism".

    He said: "I don't think there's any difference between someone that shouts hatred through a megaphone and someone that creates a doll that glorifies terrorists.

    It belittles the pain the families of victims of terror have gone through.

    Ramadhan Foundation chief executive Mohammed Shafiq

    "As a parent myself, I'm going to teach my children respect for the law and respect for each and every community.

    "These are the lessons parents should be giving to their children - not lessons about weapons and violence."

    Father-of-three Mr Chapman boasts on his website that his nine-year-old son gave him the idea for the range.

    The site advertises 31 different Lego-style weapons, weapons packs and 10 miniature militant figurines.

    Other fighters in the range include World War Two troops, US marines - and a Nazi SS officer.
  2. my old man is called will chapman 8O
  3. What a wonk How doe's he think we feel with shite like McGuinnes, Adams, and all the muslim preachers of hate walking around,
  4. It's not even made by lego! Just some wanky septic artist looking for a bit of PR. BORING!!
  5. Have you been up on the site? It's brilliant! Santa with a huge Sleigh full of guns. Now THAT'S fcuking Christmas!

  6. According to the news there is also a range of German SS troopers. The jewish community has complained about them. Could these toys lead to muslim/jewish unity?
  7. LMFAO great maybe they could make a journalist complete with removable head too :twisted:
  8. They're all removable its Lego! :lol:
  9. LOL!

  10. I am very miffed - there isn't a FANY lego figure :(
  11. :x
  12. pure class ! i would by some !!!