Disgraceful Behavoir of British Troops Abroad

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Lekta, Jul 27, 2004.

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  1. I spoke on this subject 2 or 3 months ago following the Mirror 'fake photo's' scandal, which of course was resolved amicably and left you guys able to hold your heads high. You still completely brushed aside my account of mistreatment from a serving squaddie though.

    Just now i've watched a news report on ch.4 which again announces that British Troops have been mistreating POW's. This time they played memory based games with the prisoners, the least able prisoners being beaten. One having been beaten so bad he would have died without the expertease of the local military hospital, who incidently he thanked.

    I'd just like to know if you guys believe the story true, because you flatly denied any illegalities the last time we spoke. Whether you think it is acceptable behavour if it is true and also, what do you think of the (british) human rights lawyers that represent the mistreated iraqi's?

    Sorry, but i could not find an article about this on any of the large news sites, i suspect because this is 'old news' although to me this is far from old news. People, real people are being tortured/beaten everyday by british citizens given the honour of serving and representing our country. Just because most news agencies choose not report on this because people simply dont care or are de-sensitised to it all does not mean it is not still going on.

  2. Yeah...........if you dont think we deserve the honour and that you could do better......you put on our uniform and you can then feck off to horrible hot places where people want to kill you. Allegations are easily made....it's the disproving thats difficult. As for British Human Rights Lawyers................nah;I decline to comment.
  3. For someone who has lived all his life in the M E and comes to cold England he was sweating alot! So he must be telling the truth!

    Is this P Morgans new job? :twisted:
  4. Whats up Lekta? is it a slow news day in "Red top land"
    Drop a brown envolope (Used Fivers ) in the usuel place and i'll have you a storie sorted (pictures may take a little longer) :twisted:
  5. cant make up a story, journo? usually do, plus the odd fake piccy here and there
    you must really need the story, your editor getting to you?
  6. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    wondered where that scum licking molusc lekta had been :twisted:

    media will only give you the news that they want you too hear not all the good stuff our boys are doing

    isnt this the same news team who called our treatment of scum, on the rock against their human rights :twisted:
  7. How about justice for one recruiting sergeant - shot in the head at point blank range by a fecking ira criminal barsteward who will shortly walk free? You are a tw/t of the highest order and I wish I was a pigeon....
  8. why don't you come down to bright the kids I work with would love a live archery target :twisted:
    The rspca won't let us shoot seagulls but nobody cares about journo scum :p
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    's cos you're a cnut. :roll:
  10. Weapons Free
  11. Maybe this a Job for Auld_Sapper :wink:

    set the hounds out A_S :lol:
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Now now, chaps, let us not forget that it is bad form to mock those less advantaged than ourselves. There are still people out there who believe that working for a newspaper is an honourable profession.

    Are you all aware that certain journalistic characteristics show up on random medical examinations and can cause problems with the provision of medical care.

    1) The lack of spine means that they are unable to do a proper days work and must retire to a comfortable chair in a public place at around 1pm where they recycle stories about St Diana of Nightsbridge. This is the true reason why they stagger round Soho at 4pm leering in knocking shop doorways. It is nothing to do with alcohol.

    2) Their remarkably thick skin means that should they be found injured at the side of the road even the most determined vet cannot get a needle in and so put them out of our misery.

    3) Should you be stupid enough to shoot and try to eat a journalist the lack of moral fibre results in the necessity to eat bran in order to form them into the shape that we associate with the staff of red top publications.

    MiB (who is not in a very good mood today)
  13. Lekta, how about reporting the behaviour of the muslim scum who behead their kidnapped victims and drag bodies round the town in their vans so that the rest of the muslim scum can beat and abuse the bodies.

    The (british) human rights lawyers that represent the (alleged ) mistreatment of iraqi's? are their for one thing and thats money.

    Oh nearly forgot....f*ck off and die.
  14. Errr, pardon? Resolved amicably?

    You are either a Master ( Mistress ) of Spin if you think that is the case, or just plain thick.
  15. Just plain thick.