Disgraceful behaviour of Soldiers in my town, Celle Germany

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by timmy1979, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. I am well and truely annoyed with British Soldiers causing all sorts of problem in the town i live. The reason i have come on here is so i can vent my anger, hopsfully someone can let me know why they do this:

    1. Why do they come out in big groups, try to fight everyone?
    2. They treat the lady's here like dirt, including my daughter who went back to there camp for the night!!!! I tried to complain to the gatehouse but i felt i was fobbed off.
    3. They have ruined the centre of the town on weekends, using local prosticutes, being abusive.
    4. One of my friends is a taxi driver, he said one of the soldiers started to mastabate in the back of the taxi.

    Is this the normal behaviour of British Soldier's or is it just this regiment?.
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  4. May I be the first to assure you that this is normal behaviour for the British Soldier.

    They go out in big groups for safety and to take the piss out of each other.
    They treated your daughter like a cum gargling angel I'm sure.
    You could say they were propping up your economy?
    Lets be honest who hasn't banged out a sly one when they thought the cabby's back was turned?
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  7. If this is all true I am shocked and saddened that it has calm down so much, we always behaved like complete gentlemen when I was there "DURCH"

  8. Bernster, I was there with the 3rd in the early 80's and it was wank durch!

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