Disgraced mogul Black to appeal

Disgraced media tycoon Conrad Black will appeal against his convictions for defrauding millions of dollars and obstructing justice, his lawyer says.
Former Daily Telegraph owner Black, 62, faces up to 35 years in jail after a three-month trial in Chicago.

But his lawyer, Edward Greenspan, said he was confident there were "viable legal issues" to appeal against.

The verdicts cap a remarkable fall from grace for Black, once one of the UK's most influential media figures.

Canadian-born Black, who was allowed to remain free on a $21m (£10.5m) bond, was found guilty on three charges of fraud and one of obstructing justice.

The jury cleared him of eight further fraud counts and one charge of racketeering.

Result. Now will Black drop the dime on others close to this , in return for not getting stretched in the showers?

Doesn't sound like they're about to send him to Club Fed , and Crest Hill has spaces doesn't it?
A Canadian commentator once said of his wife:
"There is probably only a few hundred women in the world who can afford to dress as expensively as Babara Lady Black, and she probably isn't one of them."
you have to wonder what grounds he's appealing on.... Being caught with his hand in the till isn't good enough reason to be banged up?
Appeals should only come about when there is either new significant evidence OR there has been some form of mis-trial (and significant grounds at that). Not just the first recourse after a guilty verdict cause the fecker has money!

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