Disgraced Gilmour back!

Bet he won't have to pay the b'stard tuition fees.


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Calls into question, in the most shameful way, the values of his college and inuversity.
Wonder if he was plain Joe from a council estate would he be allowed back?
If he was a guy from a council estate he wouldn't be there in the first place. He's done the crime and done the time.

Crack on Charlie. Or is it Charlie on Crack?
He'll be treated like the new Messiah at the Uni for all the wannabe lefty extremists intent on getting back at their pesky bourgeois parents for having the gaul to finance their swan through Cambridge when they could have spent it on adopting Penguins and bankrolling the SWP
I have to wonder what a student would actually have to do in order to be sent down from Cambridge these days...
Well it's kinda difficult to get in any form of trouble at Teesside, trust me I'm trying


Okay he's done his time, paid his debt and all that. For the sake of his dad and goodwill, we must forgive him.

Fuck that ... as Seaweed says this shows the values of his College and University. Gilmore is a privileged little shit (happily with a criminal record) who trashes War memorials on a bender . If he was a nobody from a council estate this wouldn't even make the News. Gilmore doesn't deserve a second chance and the world owes neanderthal adolescents like him, precisely the square root of fuck all except a size ten up the arsehole. Since Gilmore's probably suffering from prison piles they'll have done the job for us.
So what?

The lad acted is a stupid manner that for obvious reasons offended many of us. He got nicked, and was ( rightly) banged up.

Ignoring his stepfather's wealth for a moment, should his education be curtailed just because of fuckwittery? He gets a degree, he'll be a more useful member of Society ( who'll not be allowed into the US. )

Nothing to see here, move along.
Is his degree in history and he claimed not the know what the Cenotaph represented, christ I would want my money back from which ever posh boy gaylord school/university he went to.

You just know he is going to work at the Guardian churning out bollox on CIF.


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Nothing to see here, move along.
I'd agree. No doubt the little tosser will have a following of drooling groupies when he goes back to his studies. I see no reason why I should help keep his name in lights.
For the sake of his dad and goodwill, we must forgive him.
Oh, I'm sure Gilmour himself, his family, and his cheerleaders among the activist community would like him to be forgiven, but I suspect this won't happen, nor will he be forgotten.
meh, he did something stupid whilst on a bender and has served his time, save your blood pressure and go back to caring as much as you did before he was swinging back and forth on the union flag.
On the plus side there is a drug dealer/Chav/Bully out there that is probably a great deal better off after having looked after twinkle toes 'on the inside, whilst he did bird'. So technically he has employed someone to make up for his sins. Plus he will probably end up having a go at some bloke in the pub because he is now an ex convict hard man and as such 'connected' and will end up getting glassed by someone who did time for ABH.

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