Disgraced & Drunk

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by WaltCatcher, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. Is it possible that a disgraced gay officer can ever be forgiven by his Regiment?
  2. Sadly, no.

    Sorry mate, I don't know you, but you let everyone down. You should never have joined.
  3. Guess that says it all.
  4. Disgraced how? I mean - kiddy fidling, probably not... leaving the back door open (no pun intended) odds are looking good...
  5. Served before the law changed. Got found out.
  6. No excuses mate. Noone wants your sort in the Army. Fuck Off.
  7. Mmmm, doubt it then, I imagine there would be a lot of tripe spouted about "integrity" and all that, but given the current political climate you could probably claim discrimination and get whatever your after by appeal to brussels :wink:
  8. Sorry mate...forgot. There, there, there. Bad Army. Did they upset you...Oh...never mind....have some money........Twat
  9. :roll: nob
  10. Get a life walt. Who wants these cunts in the army!
  11. Ill let anyone in the army so long as they can keep up mentaly and physically, otherwise we end up scraping the bottom of the barrel and recruiting the likes of you. Grow up.
  12. you are a twat of the highest order. Ignore this prick he doesn't know what he's on about
  13. Wake up. The guy got kicked out, who gives a fuck. Have you actually done any time or do you just talk the walk. I've served and the last thing I needed was some arse bandit subbie more interested in fucking me than terry.
  14. Also Leonidas did you know that the spartans you admire so much weren't averse to some robust male bonding themselves
  15. Why does no one else just say it. No fucking poofs in the Army. There. Simple.