Disgraced Brigadier

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ironside, Aug 18, 2005.

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  1. See story in the Sun yesterday and various of today's papers. Anyone know this cove?
  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

  3. from the Times

    Key diplomat ordered home over relationship
    By Richard Beeston Diplomatic Editor and Zahid Hussein in Islamabad

    BRITAIN has recalled its military attaché from Islamabad after he was investigated by the Ministry of Defence for an “inappropriate relationship” with a Pakistani woman.
    Brigadier Andrew Durcan, described by colleagues as “affable” and “larger than life”, was ordered home earlier this year after fears that he may have compromised his highly sensitive post through a close friendship with a civilian connected to the country’s powerful military.

    The Ministry of Defence said: “We can confirm that Brigadier Durcan has been removed from post following an internal investigation into his conduct. “The decision was taken after he lost the confidence of the High Commission.” No further action is being taken against the officer, who is due to retire shortly.

    He previously commanded the Gordon Highlanders and memorably led the regiment, wearing their kilts, in the withdrawal of the British Army garrison from Berlin after the fall of the wall.

    He went on to serve as commander of the Army’s 52nd Lowland Brigade at Edinburgh Castle. He was then made deputy inspector general of the Territorial Army, where he famously admitted to a House of Commons defence committee that the Army had no way of keeping track of tens of thousands of reservist soldiers, who were supposed to be called up in an emergency.

    He took up his latest posting in Islamabad last year. For security reasons, his family remained in Britain.

    It is believed that during the past few months he developed a close, but non-sexual relationship, with an attractive Pakistani woman, who in turn was linked with the powerful Pakistani defence and intelligence communities.

    Initially there were fears that he may have been the target of a “honey trap” by Pakistan’s notorious ISI intelligence service. The technique, perfected by the KGB, usually involves the seduction and blackmailing of a victim who is forced to reveal state secrets to a foreign power.

    But experts on British-Pakistani relations dismissed the theory. They insisted that Brigadier Durcan was probably the victim of oversensitive British officials who regard good relations with Islamabad as a key element in the war on terror.

    Britain has worked hard to forge strong ties with the regime of General Pervez Musharraf, which is at the forefront of the campaign against Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda group. Co-operation with the Pakistani intelligence service is regarded as crucial in defeating Islamic militants operating in Britain, many of whom have family ties to Pakistan.

    For this reason the role of the British military attaché in Islamabad, who is the official link with the Pakistani military, is highly sensitive. Any actions that could hypothetically damage the relationship, or embarrass either the British or the Pakistanis, had to be dealt with ruthlessly.

    A colleague said: “Andrew is a wonderful man, much liked and respected. But we have a strategic relationship with Pakistan that is tricky to manage. The Foreign Office was clearly not taking any chances.”
  4. Oh, now I remember. There'll be rejoicing all over Scotland at this pompous bully's demise. Couldn't have happened to a better person. @rsehole.
  5. what Brigadier are you talking about???
  6. The "wonderful man" himself - Mr (presumably, very soon) Durcan.
  7. I understand that this senior officer has been withdrawn from his post, not required to leave the Army.
  8. And over the wider TA too
  9. Correct TSJ, sorry for my pompous "veiled speech", I did mean Brig Durcan.
  10. Is this him (burying cows)?

  11. I say I say, that's fred from Corrie
  12. No.That is Brigadier Munro.His successor.The other chap just eats them (cows that is)
  13. Don't think so - pretty sure that's Brig Hughie Munroe. (Much more popular ;))
  14. ^Sorry Galgenberg - you obviously type faster than I do (And are much more popular ;))