Disenfranchised Service Voter?

Due to the inability of the voting system to get my postal voting forms to me before the election I have missed out on voting.

As a result I am petitioning my MP (after checking that we are allowed to do this!) to do something about it and sort out the voting procedures for servicemen - they might just sort it in time for the next one!

He has said that he is happy to take my case forward (whatever that means).

If anyone else had difficulties in casting their vote please share your tale of woe here and I will point my MP to it as an indication of the scale of the problem.

You may like to point your MP towards the various threads on ARRSE in which the problems relating to both registration and voting were described in detail.

I have had an interesting conversation with senior management at BFPO on the subject of postal voting. As the individual is serving I won't post the details here, but you may be assured that they are well aware of the problems.

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