Disembarkation leave The low down please!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by CplBadboyUK, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. Right here i go,

    Im posted next month within BFG( to a shithole i never asked for but thats another story) and im sure ive heard and indeed ive been told on good authority that all personnel who are posted within BFG are now entitled to the 10 days leave, i also understand that it comes of the recieving unit. can anyone shed concrete facts on this as there is a lot of hmmmm & aaaahs at my unit. My lass who also serves has told me of numerous people who have gotten this ENTITLEMENT at her unit aswell. Some black & white refs would be appreciated so i can shove it in some pipes.

  2. If you are posted in a months time, you should have recieved your assignment (posting) order.

    READ IT! - Not just the front page, the rest of it!

    Clearly states 10 days and recieving Unit to take the hit.

    Also not only BFG. Been this way for some time now.
  3. Oy, scaramanga, 10 days off your new unit. Live the dream big fella, live the dream..................... :D
  4. How very concise of you. Hopefully your abrupt attitude isn't as apparent in the workplace.

    I too have been reassigned, and have read my assignment order back to back, thank you very much (All one page of it). There is no mention of anything other than length of tour, dates, position, who I'm replacing, etc. I can assume that, being a new style JPA assignment order, there will be more details online, but my unit is still not up and running with JPA.

    It would seem that the original poster already knows that relocation leave is an entitlement, but what he actually needs to know is how best to approach the matter. Do we just send a letter of introduction to our new unit, with a relocation leave pass attached? Or do we phone up and haggle with our new boss beforehand? Is there a proper procedure in the Army Leave Manual?

    We could spend a couple of days researching this at work, but is it such a crime to ask on ARRSE? Someone out there in this big family of ours will undoubtedly already have the answer. Being reassigned is a big enough consumer of time as it is.
  5. If you only have one page, something tells me that you are missing three pages. But that was pre-JPA and God knows what is happening now.

    I agree with TRU... it should state it on the posting order.

  6. Sounds like times have change alot since my day :?

  7. My assignment order is technically on two pages, but only because it doesn't fit on one page when sent via email.

    Another thing - I need my posting authority reference to submit my AFA10, but that's not on the assignment order either. Do they still use them?.
  8. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    No it doesn't. The new assignment orders are indeed now only one page. However if you read the notes at the bottom there is a link provided for you to review the relevant paragraphs applicable to you on the intranet. On going to this link you are prompted to enter your assignment order number (which is now your Regimental number), the date of the assignment order and the paragraphs you wish to view.

    The paragraph regarding relocation leave merely states that 10 working days will be granted. There is absolutely no mention of which unit takes the hit.

    However, if you refer to the DSPSI that came out last year (June I think), this states that moves within the same theatre will attract 10 days relocation leave and the receiving unit will shoulder the burden.

    Hope this helps.

    Edited to add - here is the DSPSI (July not June, sorry)

  9. Units are still unclear about this leave carry on malarky.

    The gaining unit takes the hit officially.

    I always phone ahead for my guys (and gals) and sort it out for them with the gaining unit.

    IME the gaining unit have been trying to take advantage of the confusion and tell Pte Bloggs that they should have taken the leave before they joined the new unit.

    How have others found this when joining units?
  10. pretty cack that you don't get it when posted between tri-service units, is it our fault the crabs and skimmers dont get it?
  11. That's because they would not sign up to it, nor would they sign up to the barking idea of getting Relocation Leave once you have Relocated, I have calrified this with PS4 and it is the recieving unit that takes the hit, however, I was told that if arrangements between units could be made then this could differ, it would only come to this if a pi**ing match ensued.

  12. SBM - Nope, you should have special instructions aswell, see below:


    First Name: * indicates a mandatory field
    Last Name: *
    Army Number: *
    Assignment order Number: *
    Date of Assignment Order: *
    Enter Special Instruction paragraphs as detailed on Assignment Order in the remarks paragraph.

    Paragraph number Paragraph number

    Developed by Army Personnel Centre, Small Systems Development Group

    Here is the link: https://www.msapps.dii.r.mil.uk/Assignments/insert_assignment.asp


  13. Cheers LJS, but I logged on to JPA for the first time this week and the 'Special Instructions' section had no info at all. I'm assuming this section has relevance to those undertaking specialist employment such as MSI, etc. The assignment order appears as one page on the computer, as previously mentioned. I did, however, manage to find out that the Posting Authority Reference is now just a 7 digit number near the top of the script (well mine was anyway.)
  14. Lads and lasses posted in or out of my unit have had no probs, which unit are you at?
    PM me if you don't want to disclose on here.
  15. Is this 'heidtheba' any relation to 'HeedtheBaw'?