Diseased, demented, depressed:

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. Not me, although must confess the latter bit could apply as Mrs B. has her mother round for the weekend.

    Yesterday and today various people were suggesting that the Prime Mentalist might be in danger of going over the raggedy edge. IMHO he got there years ago but the state of him on TV this afternoon was dreadful to behold. Sitting there next to HRH he looked like a zombie with a nervous tick.

    Anyhoo, once you get over who wrote it this really hits the spot and explains many of the woes that have afflicted the great and the good over time. Did you know Winston Churchill had a heart attack in 1941? No, nor did he: his doctor told him he had strained some chest muscles.

    Diseased, demented, depressed: serious illness in Heads of State

  2. Tick, tock . . . .

    How many sweepstakes are running for his departure date?
  3. I was all but sick last night as I saw Brown crawling for the Photo opportunity at what I am now told he Called Obama Beach.
  4. Being septic (and an old fart) I can recall the days when Richard Nixon was on his way out of the White House. General Alexander Haig was at that point White House Chief of Staff. I recall reading that Haig felt the President was depressed and disturbed and took steps to ensure that those in the strategic weapons chain of command were aware and would put certain checks on any orders relating to instant sunshine.

    I have no idea how the chain of command exists in the UK but it is food for thought.
  5. BBC iplayer on D-Day 65 - The Veterans Return

    I almost did a little wee at 50.00 minutes when the Normandy Veterans Master of Ceremonies introduced Gordon Brown as the Prime Minister of England as he invited him to lay a wreath. I'm not sure if Gordo spotted the mistake.
  6. Suffice to say Gordon's got no chance of ordering a takeaway pizza from No 10, let alone a nuclear strike. Rest assured, there is no big red button on his desk.
  7. Or any unbroken mobile phones anywhere near for him to call Northwood!