disdurbance allowance

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bullman, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. does anyone have any clue how long it takes for a disturb allowance claim to be processed i submitted my claim over a month ago and still not heard anything.Spoke to my RAO all all i got told was that it was in the system
  2. I filled out the paperwork on the 28 august and the money was paid into my account on the 12 Septmber.
  3. I think the claim may be submitted 6 weeks before the anticipated move date, but only paid a maximum of a month before.

    If it is taking longer than it should go and rattle some cages and ask when the claim was transmitted to Glasgow.
  4. My most recent claim (3 months ago) was processed and paid in less than three weeks. Critical questions: Have you moved yet? Is it and advanced claim? Are your admin types helping or have you been fobbed off?
  5. Claims should be submitted 6 weeeks prior to move date. Once approved, signed and published it should take approx 2 weeks to hit your bank.
  6. I remember not getting disturbance for my first ever move when I got married, so does that mean I get it for my last move oot of the Army?

    Balls, I'm off home now anyway! Tarra!
  8. Nope, you cant get it for your first move or your last either, Disturbance Claims can be submitted 6 weeks prior to your move and not before, they can also be submitted retrespectivly.