Discussing Racial matters

Has anyone else in civvey strasse found that they have to say something under their breath or over their shoulder when talking about racial matters?

I'm not and never will be BNP but I find in civvey street that you cannot say anything without being castigated, one good female friend has been repremanded over what she's said in front of someone else.

WTF is this about? It' seems bonkers to me I'm short and welsh for christ's sake and have had had a complete seminar of social workers debating me. You lot think that being not Welsh is cool (tossers) and being over normal hight (5' 4") is normal (w@nkers). I can say that coming from Cardiff that anyone from Swansea is shite, or joining the army from Portsmouth, that anyone from Southampton is a Scummer (which is true).

This is my 4th attempt at this, the other three have ended in the hole. I only want to know if anyone outside the 'firm' has come accross this?

perhaps there is a hidden message in the fact these keep getting hooped. mk
You definitely have to watch what you say. I've been out for 13 yrs now and have noticed the changes in the last few years. CRE and all that.
I found in the army people could say what they wanted, and if they wanted to speak with fists, it would get resolved and not go further.

In the army, people usuaully accepted it if they made a mistake and took a rollocking if necessary. People in civie street as a whole do not- blame culture..it wasnt me it was...

You know the sort. I imagine people who do the full 22 are at a loss when they return to civie life.

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