Need some brain cells on this one please.

I applied for a job through an agency, they concluded that I was qual'ed for it and put me forward to the company in question for consideration.

The company have (according to the agency) refused to consider me for the post, as I'm ex army.

This seems to me to be a veeeery clear case of discrimination, and I'm feckin' mad.

I'm not looking for money, the job or other...I'd sooner lick Michael Jackson's skidmarks clean than work for these cnuts now.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

This might appear a case of sour grapes, it really isn't. It's only because these arses have refused to consider me because I was HMF.
As far as I am aware there is no law against discriminating against people for having been in HMF. Discriminating on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion and so on are explicitly covered in law. So yes, it is discrimination and it is probably quite legal.

Of course employers generally don't care about previous service (why should they ?) - it's strange that this one does. Your only redress would be the media - but who wants to deal with them ?


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It may be because they are concerned about your reservist status and the risk of losing you to call up. It may not be illegal to discriminate against HMF, but perhaps it's violated your human rights in some way?

Whilst I rail against the iniquities of the legal culture we live like many here, why should the reasonable majority not seek to profit cyncally for themselves? If nothing else it will put the wind up whoever in HR made the decision. In the current climate not many companies will like the threat of publicity over the discrimination against a soldier and may just pay you to go away.

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