Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blokeonabike, May 17, 2007.

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  1. Information on Leaders UK: the scheme open to Pay Band B1 and B2 UK civil servants who are either women, have a disability, or are from minority ethnic backgrounds, which seeks to equip participants with the leadership skills they will need for entry to the SCS

    How do they get away with this sort of thing?
  2. The Government Policy of "Do as we say, not as we do"
  3. Because pay and promotion based on merit and ability is unfair to those without any ability or talent.

    So called "Positive discrimination" is nothing less than racism or sexism and merely illustrates the deep hypocrisy endemic in the equal opportunities industry.

    I remember a nasty little policy that used to give preferential treatment to minorities based on skin colour rather than talent.

    It was called apartheid.

    If it was unacceptable in South Africa, why should a similar policy be acceptable in UK?
  4. I heard something similar about the Fire Service.

    Each individual has a vote in a ballot for Strike Action.
    If you are from an ethnic minority your representative on the national committee gets to use another one vote for you.
    If you are anything other than hetrosexual another representative gets another vote for you.
    You also have a females representative thats another vote for you.

    So lets do the sums.

    White British, Hetrosexual, Male = 1 Vote
    Ethnic British, Hetrosexual, Male = 2 Vote
    White British, Hetrosexual, Female = 2 Votes
    Ethnic British, Homosexual, Male = 3 Votes
    Ethnic British, Lesbian, Female = 4 Votes.

    Who's got the power?
  5. What if you're a White, British, Lesbian, Transsexual?
  6. It just means I'd have to spin myself differently.

    Being to all intents and purposes a white, English, heterosexual, middle class male.

    I could, with a little artistic licence but no fundamental untruth, become the "European, Other" child of two immigrant parents, one who works in the service sector the other being 'unemployed', whilst stressing my minority background, ostensibly comprehensive school education and the terrible burden of my 'disability' (dyslexia).

    The system need not change, after all..."I might not be black, but the just means my ethnic minority is ignored by the powers that be, O Woe!"

    If a system is stupid, it deserves contempt.
  7. Interesting implication here - the civil service clearly believe that women, disabled people & those from 'minority' backgrounds are lesser beings who need a bit of extra help to make the grade.

    Institutionalised sexism, racism & handicapism (there must be a word for it), perchance? I think that we should be told.
  8. Interesting

    You must be looking at a different course from me BoaB. Is this the one You are referring to?

    Take a look at page two under the Profile on Participants - the civil service parts says

    So, no mention of ethnic minorities there. But perhaps You meant the locla government part - which says

    Nope, not there either.

    In fact no where does that leaflet or the full brochurestate a limitation to disabilities, women or ehtnic minorities. The full brochure does however say

    So - not a criteria for entry but a desire to attract all sections of a workforce.

    If on the other hand You have been discriminated against in Your place of work - get in touch with Your union rep. Of course, we don't know to what You refer because You didn't leave a link :roll:
  9. it isnt racist or sexist its progress to combat discrimination the government uses er... discrimination
  10. Just stumbled across this and although the initial post is possibly not correct (I can't be botherd to check all of the links) why on earth should they specify who they welcome applications from! Do they not welcome applications from men, who are white, and not disabled? If they do then why not state that?

    By stating a selection of groups they are discriminating as they have missed several, what about left handed people and vegetarians! So maybe Sven the initial post was wrong but it doesn't stop the organisation from making a white able bodied male feel that his application is not as welcome as other groups.
  11. I think if your a black lesbian with a child of each colour, and with one leg, blind in the right eye and deaf in the left ear and dyslexic the jobs yours!!!


  12. Ooops forgot to say a vegan and a tree hugger

  13. Could it be because there is a history of the groups mentioned being actively discriminated against and looking at the bollox coming up in this thread some would argue they still are?

    I know the REAL men amongst You are going to disagree but I have seen enough decent people not being considered for positions because of some employer perceived shortfall to know where the whiff of discrimination lies - and it lies at both sides of the bed. Try talking to the very odd male midwife that is out there.

    The brochure isn't showing positive discrimination - that particular trait is demonstrated when a brochure says 'only' on it - it is simply acknowledging that after a group of people have had a boot in their face pushing them back down the ladder they might need a word of encouragement.

    Not that I expect some will see something so obvious
  14. Then perhaps they shouls also include ex servicemen and women on the list because their is probably as much discrimination against them as against any group.
  15. Well said Sven. This is one of the few occasions when I am in total agreement with you.

    You're obviously referring to the employment agency called 'Rare Recruitment'. Until last year, when they were exposed by Personnel Today magazine, they operated a strict no whites policy in clear contravention of the Race Relations Act. Their web site still lacks a single photo of a white person.

    While the company practiced this blatant racism, Trevor Phillips sat on their advisory board. Trevor Phillips is the chairman of the government's Commission for Racial Equality. Clearly he has no sense of irony.

    Well done, Sven, for taking a stand against such outrages.