Discrimination in Australia..........BEWARE

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Wasanig, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. All, i would like to let you all know of my recent experienceid had emigrating (or trying to) to Australia. After 2 years of paperwork, having my skills assessed by the Australian computer socisety, getting 7 years worth or refences, having medicals, being offered 3 jobs all of which would have put me in the top 5% earners, taking an English test, spending around £2,000 they advise that

    "As your daughter is deaf she fails to meet the minimum health requirements and would be a drain on the health and social services, your application is refused".

    Now although i wish the UK had more stringent pass marks for allowing all and sundry in, Oz made me dance this merry dance for 2 years and had the bigots advised us in thier literature (it is very ambiguous) that deaf people cannot make the grade It would have saved me time and heartache.

    So gents and ladies if any of your family are in any way disabled forget it. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
  2. The one word that sums the people up who made that despicable decision is a word all Aussies love to use "CNUTS"!!!!!

    I would hit every major Aussie newspaper and radio station with your story... ARRSE Australian Members could mobilize and help here maybe?
  3. That is shocking! Have you complained? Surely its discrimination?
  4. Sorry to hear that mate - its a bummer but I have to say I wish our country was as strict and stringant in its criteria maybe we would be better off
  5. I know the Aussies aren´t know for their flowery use of English, but did it actually say the above?

    Looking at it from their perspective, what is wrong with banning you from emigrating?

    I see all the good things you would bring with you, and of course I don´t doubt you think the world of your daughter...

    Now think about the Aussies... they are sure to find some one as good as you, but without the "problem*" of a deaf child.

    * as they are looking at it, not saying anything about the nipper.

    But you are right, if your daughter has had the same level of deafness since you started the application (ie she hasn´t degraded)then it would have been nice for them to just tell you at the outset.

    Now why can´t we have similarly stringent standards for access to a country/health care?
  6. Whilst I have every sympathy, It does state on their info that if you or any member of your family is likely to have a significant impact on the medical front, then your application is likely to be rejected. I looked into it and had a quick chat with someone from their embassy due to my sons autism and decided not to go any further.
  7. Canada have they same rules there was a thread on here a few months back
  8. The words they used and i quote "She fails to meet the minimum health requirements and would be a drain on the health and community services"

    I offered to get an international statute lawyer to draft up a contract wherby her rights to an use of the social and community care for deaf children (it is actually a charity which runs this anyway) would be waived and i would forfeit my visa if I tried, i offered to put $50,000 ina govt bond and i would loose this if i tried to claim. I would have taken up front for a period of 10 years the highest level of healthcare covering the family, i was taking in the region of £300,000 with me to set up home, I had 3 firm job offer. I am not a fooking sponger, it is thier loss, the AUSTRALIAN *******.

    Spread the word.........
  9. There was a famous case a month or two ago where a British doctor applied to emigrate to Australia and knocked back due to his son's autism, the doctor is question got into the papers and stated that he was happy to work anywhere in Australia, in whatever community wherever his skills were needed.

    Got all over the papers and television news, eventually the Immigration Minister was forced to step in and overturn the decision, allowing him and his family to emigrate.

    I would reccommend finding some contact details of MP's in the area you wish to move to and writing to them.

    Immigration reform is quite a pertinent issue in Australia at the moment, a lot of people are getting frustrated with good people being turned away.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    And soome less than usefuls being shown the dole queue and social care on arrival! Makes you wonder if you need to speak arabic as a first language to get in?
  11. PM on its way to you please check your inbox
  12. As an Aussie, I'm v sorry to hear that mate. That's definitely not an example of giving someone a fair go.
    Is there any avenue of redress you can chase?
  13. Sorry to hear about your Bad luck, I emigrated in 1996 at the age of 53 my wife was 51, I was and still am 80% disabled, I signedan affidavit that I would pay any medical costs relating to my disability, 16/10/1995 I started the application process in London , after all my checks and medical examinations I was informed 23/12/1965 that we had been accepted, 15th march 1966 we bought our first home in queensland, we had no problems, but!!!!! what a tiny word! we know of many cases like yours, there are many types of power crazy clowns working for australian authorities, who ,se only aim in life is messing people about!!A famous german Opthalmic surgeon who worked among the Aboriginal people in the Northern Territories for 10 years applied for a residential visa, allowing him to bring his vamily to australia, He was told he would have to study for 12 months and then take his qualifications again before an Australian medical Board, he was given a list of 10 publications to study for his exam, He Refused to do this, so they denied him his visa , he appealed before the federal court and he won hands down the reason Being! 8 of the textbooks that he was supposed to study, he was the Author of and these particular books are guidelines for opthalmic surgeons world wide.Racial Descrimination is alive and thriving in Australia, But who gives a flying Fxxx what they try to do to keep us down :oops: Its beautiful winding them up and watching them BITE 8)
  14. Tried, appealed and within 3 weeks was turned down again
  15. Sorry to hear you were knocked back. You should complain based that it took them two years to tell you that your daughter's condition made you ineligible. After all if they had told you at the outset you would not have continued with your efforts and be out of pocket.