Discrimination for Fatties

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Vonshot, Oct 25, 2005.

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  1. From Yahoo news today:

    Workers who are overweight find it harder to get a job than slim people, suggesting "hidden" discrimination, a report claims.A survey of 2,000 personnel officers found most preferred to hire someone of "normal" weight.Half of those polled by Personnel Today magazine said they believed obesity affected a worker's productivity.

    A similar number thought overweight people lacked self discipline.

    One in 10 would not want an overweight employee to meet a client and the same percentage believed they could sack a worker for being fat.

    Karen Dempsey, editor of Personnel Today, said: "To date, obesity has not been given the same recognition as sex, age, disabilities and race discrimination.

    "But as our survey shows, overweight workers are being marginalised and given fewer opportunities than their slimmer counterparts.

    "A clearer definition of obesity is needed to help businesses understand how obesity truly affects performance in the workplace."

    Fat bast@rds :D :D :D :D tough sh1t
  2. As a bit of a munter meself, I have to say I'm shocked.

    My beer-gut has always, I feel, indicated to employers that I'm a convivial kind of bloke albeit one you wouldn't trust a Ginsters with.

    Funny thing is, nowadays, the new level of American-style uber-blobs wandering about is starting to make me feel quite svelte.

  3. Maybe because sex, age etc are traits you can do very little about whereas obesity is (in the majority of cases) something within your own control? Apologies to any site users with genuine genetic or medical conditions causing obesity.

    That does NOT include lazyitis or ice cream additction btw, you fat **** ;)
  4. I've long been a supporter of a fat tax on airlines.

    eg, why does Augustus Gloop weighing in at 19 odd stone only pay the same as me for a flight ticket, further more, said salad dodger then gets 20 kilos luggage allowance

    ...lets switch to an all up weight, say...110 kilos incl luggage...then charge excess weight afetr that!

    also...lets marginalise the Fat Tw&ts, they're unsightly, unproductive and a burden on the NHS to-boot! unlike race, sex, sexual-orientation, etc., obesity is completely the fault of the individual and is always due to a lack of self discipline.

    Fatties can blame who they want, food manufacturers, schools, the goverment etc, but they're the ones who shovel pies in their gobs all day long.

    Just take a look at any old film footage from the 50s & 60s (eg the BBC4 docs) and you'll see how people have changed so much in such a short time.
  5. Many fatties dont care...fine but dont expect us to pay for your self inflicted state of poor health or employ you, you fat lazy piece of sh1t and anyway they make the place look untidy.
  6. Not supermarket Scotch for breakfast again?
  7. As a beer belly toter myself I think there is a big difference between Le Grand Fatty and more mature chaps who are going to seed a bit. Common sense says that fit folk are going to be more appealing in general than lard arrses. Just another example of PC going mad.

    Don't want discrimination - lay off the pies. Use the stairs instead of the lift, walk to the shop to buy the pies instead of driving and introduce yourself to some salad and vegetable products.

  8. Is a beer gut not one of the basic entry requirements for the police service nowadays? You would have thought so going by the size of the rozzers round my way. :D
  9. And how do the fat wimmin on the site feel about this?
  10. "A clearer definition of obesity is needed to help businesses understand how obesity truly affects performance in the workplace."

    How clear a definition is needed?

    obese people are unfit, a health and safety hazard and a drain on the NHS.

    Oh, and they eat far too many cream cakes too!
  11. Spot on mate, spot on!
  12. HERE HERE!!!!

    If personnel officer want a clearer definition of obesity I'm sure any healthcare professional can provide one but for now if you're a bloke and body fat percentage exceeds 24% you're overweight and if over 30% you are clinically obese, 35% and you are morbidly obese. Chicks are about 4% higher because the female body is designed to be a bit podgier.The numbers are similar for Body Mass Index, but the BMI makes no allowance for being muscular eg Mike Tyson in fighting trim 5' 10" and 16stone.

    A set of scales that measure bodyfat percentage can be bought online or in Boots for less than £25. What price your health?

    Mine? 22%
    My Rec Mech? 34%
    Ric Waller 61%
  13. I am a firm believer that fat people who are unhappy with their weight (yet still find time to munch that 3rd Big Mac burger) should go on compulsary beasting by a trained fitness instructer.

    A bit like Celebrity Fat Camp with that USMC guy (Harvey Wallace wasn't it?). But obviously british stylee with a short 5-foot-fcuk-all scottish guy who has a tendacy to whip and kick people.

    Or maybe that's just my fantasy ... who knows!

    Don't get me wrong, people can be fat and be happy being fat - fair play to them, it ain't my cup of tea, but whatever! It's only the fat moaners as I call em - moaning about their weight but doing fcuk all to sort it. They should be forcefully made to do physical exercise to burn it all off or die in the attempt, whichever tbh.
  14. We consumed more calories and more fat in the 1960's but never had as many faties. Now we consume less fat and calories but have lots of lazy swine, why? because competitive sports are discouraged in schools and convenience lifestyles are the norm and activity levels are down. Also bolloking someone for being a chunk, depite doing them a favour is a cardinal sin. Celebrity diets and quick fixes are seen as a solution rather than getting off your arrse and sweating. You can eat almost as much as you like as you burn it off through exercise not through hanging around a poncy gym. I'm not talking about middle aged men or women with a few extra pounds but slothful weak twats, we know who they are!

    For those who claim to be happy with their offensive blubber they can **** ***. Expect to be rightly unemployed, single, a burden on society and generally offensive to the eye. No self respect or self discipline.

    YOU FAT SCUMBAGS, TOO SLOW, STAND BY....... GOOOOOOO :twisted: :twisted:

    I'm going to lay down now in a dark room
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Sad to see that Maj_B's Recy Mech is so slim. Please end him this message:


    Reccy Mechs are, by nature, endowed with a gravitas and bearing that others seek, but fail, to obtain.