Discrimination at Phase 1?

Hi everyone, I'm new here, glad I found this place! I'm doing Interview 3 soon with a view to getting to Selection then on Phase 1 as soon as I can.

I'm an openly gay man and I'm a little worried about Phase 1 and how everyone's going to be around me. I know there are anti-discrimination clauses and all but surely stuff happens behind closed doors. I'm not camp or feminine and I'm not gonna come on to my fellow SUTs or anything like that!

Can anyone at or going to Phase 1 tell me, are there gay guys there and how are they getting on?

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I find the only discrimination that occurs in phase 1 is against journos trolling for posts....

The Armed Forces has changed quite a lot, I doubt you'll have any problems.
Its Phase One. No one is going to give a flying about your sexuality, unless you decide you want to make an issue of it!!
I doubt anyone will give a shit to be honest as along as you dont mong up all the time.
Nobody will give a sh*t! As long as you are a good soldier, can handle Banter (if you are sensitive about your sexuality your joining the wrong job!) and are willing to give your mates a "reach around" I'm sure you'll get on famously.....
Excellent responses from all so far, as said if your doing the job and joining in with everyone there wont be a problem, if you get any hassle then speak to those in charge straight away (JNCO/SNCO, WRVS, Padres etc) but only thing to try and learn fast is the difference between banter and abuse. By the end of the day you need to gel as a team so chat with the lads around you and Im sure all will be fine.
Thanks everyone. Don't think I'll have a problem, I've got a sense of humour and have every intention of being a good soldier and getting the job done. I just hope everyone brings their best gay jokes!

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