Discovery set for lift-off. Brown trousers time or what!?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rajaz, Jul 10, 2005.

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  1. Yes. We need to achieve our destiny.

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  2. No. Lets feed the world first.

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  3. Yes. The long term technical spin-offs are worth it.

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  4. No. Humans would be like cosmic cockroaches.

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  1. Who'd be an astronaut?
    Hope NASA has sorted things out with their safety/management culture.
    After all the crap news this week, I personally hope the mission is a success. I expect another failure would set back the space program 10-15 years. What do you think?
  2. I for one, would jump at the chance. I wish the Crew and NASA well, why we have not spent more time and energy on space exporation etc is beyond me. Before anyone quotes the cost IIRC the Chinese spent less than half the cost of the Millenium Dome to put a man into Space.

    This country needs to start doing some major projects, what happened to the country that gave us the first jet airliner, supersonic airliner etc.
  3. Once we solve the world shortage of dilithium crystals, it'll be a nap.

    Definitely "Brown Adrenalin" time for the crew, though.
  4. Not sure what the fatality stats are, WhiteHorse, but I would prefer the odds to be a bit shorter.

    Must admit it would be great to be the first person on Mars, though. I'd go up to the wreckage of the various
    probes that have crashed (US & UK) on Mars, look into the camera and ask ... Now, was it Kilometres or Miles you used in the programming?

    What would be your best 'First words on Mars' be?

    What about 'And now a word from our sponsor ..... (insert any Multinational you can think of),or ..

    From a young Astronaut .. 'Are we there yet'?
    From George W. ' I'm speaking to you today from the Oval Office ....'

    Over to you ...
  5. Leap at the chance to go into space but till they start recruiting the blokes in the red shirts frankly underqualified :lol: . Though the chance of faliure is put at 40% .Considering The money the gov wastes on projects
    manned space flight would be more popular than id cards ,The Dome etc
  6. A lot of people say that we can explore the solar system cheaper and better using robot probes. Inded, such probes have acheived a massive amount over the last 40 years or so. But what's the point of, say, discovering life on Mars, if we're not going to go and visit it ourselves? Also, who'se going to hold a ticker-tape parade for a robot? NASA is on the right path but probably needs more funding to get there.
  7. What happened to the country that gave us the first supersonic airliner?


    They still have a successful and active space program.

    Oh yes, and one of their supersonic airliners still flies.
  8. "Aw for f*cks sakes!!" the approaching heavy bass sound transforms itself into a Vauxhall Corsa with an 8 inch wide exhaust, driven by a baseball cap wearing spotty herbert called Kenzie.
  9. The Airliner was based on stolen British technolgy and had a tendency to fall out of the sky and proved to be even less succesful than concorde .
    Soyuz is pretty reliable but old .And cant do the stuff the shuttle can do
    if the shuttle fails the internatiol space station fails .Esa are planning on building their own shuttle but we are not putting money towards it so no chance of a brit flying it or even get a ride in it :cry: .
    First words on mars "Please in form her/his majesty her loyal subjects have raised the union flag " :) . "Break out the heat rays it our turn now" :lol:
  10. I think you mean stolen French technology. Concorde also had a tendency to fall out of the sky, and in less of an unforced fashion. Exactly how was the Concorde program successful? It was a financial disaster, an environmental disaster, and a technological dead end.
  11. Don't forget as well the role of some tool in a Mirage in the Paris Air Show crash of the Tu-144. There was quite a good documentary a while back showing how the manoeuvres made by the Russian pilot to avoid the Mirage lead to the crash.
  12. The shape of the Tu-144's wings was dictated by physics. It was flying at approximately the same speed as the Concorde, so the same aerodynamical laws rule. There were important differences in design though, lke the installation of the engines and especially the use of canard wings.

  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    With respect to the gallant and learned gentleman opposite

    Thirty years ahead of its time...faster than a rifle bullet, with a glass of champagne in your hand......unequalled by anything the Cousins managed to put up until SR71 ( which took a SINGLE passenger in a pressure suit) and only one fatal accident in its entire operating time you get on a holiday charter flight 737 you better PRAY Boeing had a record as good !

    One of the main reasons it was not a paying proposition was the sour grapes Ralph Nader-inspired political decision to ban it from Trans continental US routes.

    A beautiful world-beating ac we should be fiercely proud of....a black day when BA were forced to ground it....bloody Frog maintainers....

    < off rant>

    Le Chevre
  14. Goatman, SR71 entered service about a decade before Concorde, and had a crew of two. Although bombers rather than airliners, the US also had the B58 Hustler (Mach 2) in service and the XB70 Valkyrie (Mach 3) in development well before Concorde.
  15. Goatman is right .Concorde was a brilliant peace of engineering only killed by politics and dodgy french mechanics in the end .The soviet heap relied on stolen technolgy and wasent half as good but thats communism and russia for you .