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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Joshing-lens, May 6, 2013.

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  1. I currently run a Mitsi L200 and fancy a change, would like a bit more comfort for one thing the Mitsi is a little agricultural on the suspension side. The towing and carrying capacity of the disco is fine and I guess the mpg will be just as bad as the mitsi 27-30

    If I spent about 5000 on a commercial discovery would I be buying a load of agro or likely to be OK. Guessing it would be a TD5 year 2003-4. I accept that at 5000 its not going to be perfect, though am just wondering if I am going to need a big tool box if I buy one.

    Any advise really appreciated thanks JL
  2. Check the chassis for rust/big holes. Mines a Y plate and had 2 2ft long plates welded on the drivers side chassis rail last year. Rotten as a rotten thing. Manual gearboxes of this age may make a horrible noise when the clutch is pressed when cold ...."they all do this sir"....only a problem if it does it when warm from what i'v been told.
  3. £5000 should get you a nice facelift disco, leather interior, air con etc. end of day it's not the age you look at but how well it's been looked after, good service history and your laughing

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  4. Keep what you have, spare yourself the spending and heartache.
  5. Thanks folks that narrows it down a bit (2 all) Are they really unreliable or is that just urban myth because many have a hard life?
  6. Hard life, they'll hardly have worked at all.
  7. You can do what you like to under seal a discovery but they will also rot from the inside out. Rust is the big issue particularly at the back of the vehicle. Although they aren't as bad as the discovery 1s

    The fuel pipes run round the back of the block and rub so check they're not about to rub through. The commercials tend to have less electric toys so that removes a lot of the niggles. Blanking the egr valve off will also improve performance/fuel economy.
  8. If that's the case you could seal in a right load of shite. It's alright steam cleaning an already under sealed vehicle and putting more on. There'll be loads of bits that'd be missed and probably already bits that need attention.
  9. There is a firm that advertises in the monthly landrover mags that speciakise in it. I was going to get my disco 1 done but it had already been done.
    The enthusiasts mags are a good place to buy any car as they have usually been better looked after.

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  10. well have to say most of the above comments put me off somewhat.

    What do I change the mitsi for then, tend to run around with 5-600 kgs of work kit all the time but don't do a massive mileage in it , other than the odd trip to Italy, but do tow upwards of a tonne frequently. Had thought about another 7 seat nissan terrano and take the back 2 rows of seats out but they seem to be a bit long in the tooth nowadays.
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  11. Mitsubishi shogun are a good tool..although I think they only do the swb in a commercial variant.