Discovery 3 or Galaxy

Hi all,

Mrs WH has her heart set on a Discovery 3, we have been offered a new one for £24K, down from £30K, however we could go for a Galaxy Ghia, for £21, knocked down from £25, which would be around £5-600 a year cheaper to run. Any views on what to do?

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Galaxy. Unless you are going to use it off road why would you need a 4x4 and all the extra tax and vitriol that it attracts? The Galaxy has a huge loadspace with the middle and third row of seats folded. With the middle row in place you can still get a washing machine (with all it's packaging) in the back - trust me, I've done it. Each seat is independent and can be folded, slid forward and backwards without worrying about the others.

My 2L TDCI fuel economy is about 40mpg (I mostly drive hard, and along country roads up and down hills, or at very high speed on Autobahns). Even with a full load of 7 adults I can get over 100mph - although that does slightly(!) alter the fuel consumption.
How about an S-Max. Even cheaper and probably as practical as the Galaxy.


I run 5 x Galaxies ar part of my fleet, they all go through tyres like they are made of chocolate, and windscreens are prone to chipping and cracking more then other cars in my experience.

Also the gearing in first gear is set to high, revving the balls off the enigine for a hill start becomes a pain......

Discovery a much better vehicle, but 4x4 tax will hit you.

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