Discovering the Brain Power

Brain is the central organ of our body. It is the one which controls the central nervous system (CNS) and all the human activities. The brain is also responsible for controlling our behavior in many situations. It is becoming increasingly clear that not only human behavior but the experiences associated with being human are functions of the brain. From this perspective, it cannot be the case that studies of the brain will be increasingly relevant for thinking about educational practices and, conversely, that the experiences of educators.

Understanding the brain is a complex procedure as it is divided into many parts. That is why the nation spends so much time, money and efforts in the development of technologies that help in protecting, understanding and healing the brain. The UT Dallas Institute of Brain Healh is one such institue which is dedicated towards protecting and healing the brain. The foundation has a cherished board of directors which comprise of leadership council and advisory board. The leadership council includes Sallie and Frederic Asche, Jr.Claudia and Dennis Berman, Toni and Norman Brinker, Dianne Cash, Theresa and David Disiere, Patsy Donors, John Harbin, Matrice Ellis-Kirk, among others as its members.

The center is in the process of discovering commonalities across brain problem that are yielding similarities in brain repair mechanisms and resulting in new treatments for improving life for patients with brain injuries and diseases. It combines research, treatment, academic training and is one of the few facilities in the United States to provide a continued follow-up to enhance and monitor functional recovery in children and adults with brain injury, brain disease and complications of normal aging

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