Discouraging badgers

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by theinventor, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. The groundsman of our village cricket ground is not impressed by a couple of badgers who have taken to digging for worms on the outfield.

    Clearly it's possible under certain light conditions (e.g. NV/IR) for "stripey foxes" to be innocently mistaken for their red cousins but I'd prefer not to take that route (at least not initially)... but if they stray onto the wicket my eyesight might have to take a turn for the worse!

    Any ideas on how to discourage them before it gets to that stage?
  2. Farmers electrified fence, put it as low as you want
  3. Apart from free-range terriers running about the place 24/7 the alternatives are all illegal.

    Fun though.
  4. Don't know about badgers but we're plagued with zombie otters up here. Menace they are.
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  5. they were in the village before you, you are on there land, get over it, cricket is not an excuse to kill animals.

    Fill in the holes, simple, if they are digging whilst game in play surely you can stride over them. Its a ******* stupid sport anyway bunch of icecream men walts, playing one edge of man rounders. It was designed by housewives to keep you out of the sheds and away from the house so they can watch murder she wrote without you idiots blethering on about hillman imps and deltics.

    And before you start shooting up Badgers at night with NVGs on look for a large lollipop either side if you see that you just culled a zebra crossing,

    why dont you take up swinging or macrame.
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  6. I seriously doubt it. Their ancestors maybe.

    "Lead poisoning."
  7. Your best bet is to move the worms.
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  8. Let's face it, moving the worms would be easier.

    You could always try driving a BFO roller around the outfield during the hours of darkness, then spreading the carcasses liberally around your local verges, claiming 'road-kill'.
  9. its not so black and white now is it?...
  10. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Nice plan. If he sits the badgers down and explains to them about their lifespan that would be quite discouraging.
  11. Low wire entanglements?
  12. I blame the demise of the genuine badger-hair shaving brush for the surge in numbers...
  13. Another alternative might be the introduction of floodlit cricket.
  14. Or organise a local outbreak of bovine TB.
  15. Or . . . Not sure how many worms a badger goes through a night, but if you got all the club members to club together to buy a shitload, you could stick 'em on some sort of tray, and invite the badgers to a nightly worm party, gradually moving the tray out of the cricket ground, until they get used to worm hunting in a different locale.