Discounts with your ID card..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SmithsRail, Apr 5, 2008.

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  1. Anybody any idea what shops etc you get discounts with using your Army ID card?
  2. I got a discount in the store Blacks! Amazing.
  3. 10% off in Millets and Blacks thats about it lol
  4. The QM's department.
  5. hehe cheers.
  6. Sweatshop
  7. In Europe its terrible. Mate of mine just got back from the US and reckoned on 4 days r and r he saved himself in the region of a Grand (£) by asking for Forces discount, including Gratis entry to the sealife centre (LA I think?).

    He also barely bought himself a coffee or meal when in Uniform.

    Was swamped by Yanks thanking him for his service. Shameful over here innit?
  8. I got called a tosser for free once, does that count?
  9. Best thing to do is ask everywhere. I always ask in cinemas, attractions etc and always get a discount. If you don't ask you don't get!
  10. Burger King 20% I think :clap:
  11. A prostitute if I remember correctly took the cherry of a rather young 22 year old MDN when he held up his ID card in Minden. She was in her 50s methinks.
  12. 10% in subway - you qualify for the same discount as police etc.

    correction - some places you get 12" for the price of 6".
  13. Only service stations though, isn't it?

    I'm pretty sure it's 30% too
  14. Same here, always ask

    Pizza hut is another one, 20% off