Discounts in California

Hi, I'm off to California (San Francisco, pismo beach, Palm Springs and LA) and was wondering if anyone had been recently and received decent military discounts/upgrades anywhere. Cheers
In San Diego for the last fortnight and every 'public' visitors place, museums, Sea world, USS Midway etc., had a poster up saying 30% - 50% discount for service personnel. Heard a few ask and they just needed ID apparently. Not only that as they folded their wallets and went to walk away from the booth they were 'thanked for their service'. ST
Hp, I'm a long term MoD civi mate, but with Mil friends on work trip. But as I say saw the signs and Mil friends on the trip got their discounts. Not sure if any food shops played, but sports and 'uniformed' goods stores definitely did. I'd try it, you've got a good chance - they are genuinely grateful for your dollars and were keen to chat to us about service interests. San Diego is the US Carrier group refit capitol, 3 CVN's on Coronado across the river from Midway Museum; Nimitz, Carl Vincent and Ronald Reagan so potentially 18000 ashore in the area so they are used to service personnel around - might be a bit different further up the coast.


if you go to any of the big cities there are px type places free wifi coffee and discounts, brilliant make sure you have your ID

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