Discounts at Disneyland in California

Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by scots_wahey, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. Looking at going to Disneyland later this year and wondered if anyone has been recently and were you able to get good discounts on park passes etc? Disney website implies US serving and veterans only but I have heard of HM Forces getting looked after once there. Many thanks.

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  2. Negligent-Discharge

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    I found that the "Veterans' Parking Spaces" come in handy at Malls in the US. It's always handy to have one's MOD90, but I found that just opening my gob as a Jock worked anyway... mebbe they jes didnae underston usand wanted to leave me alone.
  3. Military Discounts & Coupons - Travel, Hotels, Airfare, Disney

    Late post, but good info for future use.
    Scroll down to the NATO information section.

    Personally my family and I (five total) have been afforded free entry to the majority of SoCals tourist attraction just by producing the veterans badge.

    We have veterans license plates on the car, and that gets us free parking in most of the US (just have to explain what the poppy on the plate is), and parts of Canada, and more often than not a caution from the highway patrol as opposed to a ticket.
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  4. I've seen the Veterans license plates, but what is the veterans badge?

    I paid to do SoCal over the summer and even encountered a stroppy Sea World photographer who tried to threaten me when I pointed out that jumping in front of me and taking my picture was not best practice.

    When travelling on planes in the US I dress blazer, jeans and shirt with my US wings on the lapel of the blazer and carry a small coyote rucksack with union jack patch as hand luggage. It normally gets me and the family into the First Class/Crew security check line which is a bonus compared to queuing for and hour.

    The airlines are about the only time I use the "ex-military" angle, but there are loads of places in the US that smile favourably on ex-Forces. Its worth tucking in a MoD 90 if you have one and politely asking if they do military/veterans discounts. When we lived in Orlando we used to go to Universal and Sea World regularly (we paid) and saw loads of military getting in with discount or free or whatever the policy was at the time - worth an email or two before taking a holiday.
  5. That little lapel badge that HMG gives to once serving members of HM Armed Forces, Merchant Marine Convoy, and Bletchly Park bods. They also accept the smaller of the two red books, the one with the "Certificate of Discharge" along with picture ID.
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  6. Found and done.
  7. Went a few weeks ago. I'm not a huge Disney fan and think that Alton Towers is better. The California Adventure over the road is a lot better. We bought a two day park hop pass. Worth it, but we managed to start at 8 in the morning and finish at 11 at night and get both parks done in one day.

    Try this hotel though. It's only 5 minute walk from the front gate. Cheap and cheerful, and a little noisy until people go ti sleep at ten, but great value for money.

    Anaheim Plaza Hotel and Suites (California) - Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor
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  8. Bit of a thread bump but...

    Associate of ours, NHS Consultant, is off to DisOrlando, end of October but is hoping to find a good, preferably regularly patronised by genial expats, sportsbar to catch the rugby. Presumably 'I Drive' or DisneyWorld convenient.

    By the power of Arrse.. go on! Any suggestions for such hostelrys?
  9. Not sure if it's still there, but there used to be a Brit style pub called the Cricketer's Arms that showed the rugby last time I went in 2003.
  10. I will ask my lad, he his working down there at the moment
  11. Last time I looked I'm pretty sure he had two 'pubs' on the go. Personally I'd just set the DVR and watch it when I got back to the UK.

    If you go to the supermarket chain called PUBLIX around and about the Orlampa area you can generally pick up Heinz baked beans, HP sauce, digestive biccie's, etc, etc. My present local supermarket in Texas does a Brit selection of yummies too........still no British bacon though, peasants.
  12. Another thread bump.

    I'm looking at going to Disney Orlando amongst other things (mainly thinking gun ranges here) at the end of next month with her indoors plus kids and was wondering if anyone has been there lately and managed to blag any freebies/discounts as a Brit military veteran and if so, what sort of ID do you need as I only have a poxy veterans badge which will probably fall off anyway if I try wearing it.

    I have tried looking around elsewhere, but most of it is a couple of years out of date.
  13. I was staying at a dodgy little hostel in Kissimmee and got free entry to Sea World in 2012 including 30% off food and drinks. Apparently though, it's all changed and the free entry / discount is now only for US personnel or those assigned with US forces (exchange etc.)

    Don't think the Disney offers are too great anymore?

    As for ranges, the one I went to neither me or my German colleague was offered any form of forces discount despite (politely) asking.
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