Discounted security risk management training course offer ends 31/3/2011

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by AMI - DYNAMICS, Nov 3, 2010.

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    We are pleased to offer our Security Risk Management Course to all serving forces personnel (also includes partners and children 18+ of those serving) at a heavily reduced rate of £69. This course is normally £129!.

    This offer is open to all bookings throughout 2011 at our Ipswich based training centre, for course dates and bookings please email us at Courses run regular through the year with the availability of 12 candidates per course.

    Security Risk Management
    One day theory and interactive based training course aimed at individuals looking to move into a career in operational security or active managers undertaking operational security duties. Extremely beneficial course for all security managers & staff, establishment & event managers, the course is designed to dynamically enhance your security awareness, planning, reaction, management and presence.

    We will provide you with key skills and advanced knowledge to integrate into your everyday practises, positively impacting your organisations vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

    Learn how to:
    • Minimise risk and exposure to threats
    • Prepare and maximize your security proposition
    • Under-pin your security response with a dynamic intelligence led responses
    • Expand your security presence with-out increasing levels of staff
    • Quickly evaluate and identify risks and threats
    • Plan, adapt and prepare for emergencies
    • Recognise symptoms and effects of emergencies

    Course outline:
    • Defining & Managing Risk
    • Threat Case Studies: Crime, Terrorism, Natural
    • Incident Management
    • Trained Response
    • Security Systems
    • Operational Analysis
    • Implementation of Intelligence Systems
    • Security Management Operational Task Mapping
    • Security Information Report Systems
  2. Please don't take this the wrong way, but are you serious when you say that a one day course will be beneficial to 'individuals looking to move into a career in operational security or active managers undertaking operational security duties'? What are your qualifications or experience?
  3. The one day course is run as knowledge expansion training day, and is seen by us a bolt-on to professional trade-craft security training for example manned guarding. In response to your query regarding the length of the course, the time scale is effective at introducing key elements of risk management, teaching simple new skills and methodology and identifying positive effects of integrating / running an effective risk policy.

  4. Fair enough, so put another way:

    • To whom is this course aimed?
    • Risk management in which countries/region?
    • Do you believe the course may be useful for career progression (in risk management)?
  5. Hopefully this will answer your questions.....
    The course is aimed at the following groups:
    Active operational Staff & Managers: To increase / expanded their knowledge in risk management integration and introduce proactive security measures into their environment.

    Senior management: provides good basic grounding in the security risk analysis and recognition, improved liaison with security team, Increases understanding on security needs (resources, budgeting) also provides an ideal platform for security mangers and senior managers to develop proactive working relationships.

    New entrants to operational security (development course): Provides students with a more detailed / informed understanding of risk management and its role in operational security. The course is successful in expanding on traditional sound SIA approved training, preparing and or expanding a student’s working knowledge, enhancing their recruitability and adding key skills they are able to bring to their working environment.

    This course is not primarily written for experienced risk managers / assessors, and would not be suitable for a career development course.

    The course principles are non-geographic in nature; the undertone of the course is the development of and maintaining of best practise. Exploration of standard operating procedures obviously is fairly unique to each organisation but still carry identifiable references to standardised SOPs seen around the world. Some subject examples during the course are from the United Kingdom but do not affect the overall outcome of understanding.