Discounted MS Office availible via Intranet

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Jennie, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. About a year ago or so, It was brougnt to my attention that it was possible to buy Office 2003 via the Intranet (Army) for a much discounted price.

    Having ehard that the NHS has an offer for its employees via the NHS own intranet, I was wondering if anyone knew of anew Army deal for Office 2007?

    Any advice, heads up, top tips etc would be most appreciated.

  2. You can't get much more discounted than free - bitorrent is the way ahead. Why pay for any application / game / dvd / music / software in this day and age?
  3. I have my copy.

    I think the website is (or something to that effect). Alternative as the RAO they will point you in the right direction.
  4. Jennie

    If you have got a DII account you can get office 2003 for about £18 as i got it about 6 months ago the address is it is part of a home use agreement
  5. I agree google up bitorrent, once you have your head around that you'll be laughing.

    Once registered you can get office 2007 and other software for around £18.

    This is legal and licensed software, anything you download from a bitorrent website is not. For the sake of £18 is it worth getting caught out!
  7. Chances of YOU being caught are very very slim, Iv been using/downloading illegal software copies for years now and have all sorts of costly programs such as Adobe photoshop, Microsoft Office, Norton Anti-Virus and All of the Windows operating systems.
  8. Good for you mate, although you have just confessed to the world that you openly use/download pirate software, it would not be hard for anyone to find your identity from this website, so well done mate, really clever :?
  9. LoL the cops have bigger fish to fry than a 16 year old lad that has a load of ripped MP3's and a draw full of software.
  10. Don't tempt fate my foolish young friend!! :cry:

  11. What like the music sharing website from oop north ??
    (You any good singing in the shower - if not, would learn..... also how to retrieve the soap without bending over :lol: )
  12. Singing in the shower im getting batter, as for the soap, you need to catch up mate, its all about the shower gel.
  13. OR...

    If you want free and completely legal office software go to:

    Its the open source rival to the MS Office suite and does all the same things. I heard that it even opens and saves to the MS Office formats.

  14. Yeh! open office is great for simple word processing etc. It is not very compatible with access or more complicated functions in excel. But then again you get what you pay for, and open office is ($hit) free!!!
  15. Open Office does most of what the ordinary joe wants, if you actually need the bells and whistles in office then OK spend the money. I used to use office 97 at home, bought from a remainder software store for peanuts after 2000 was issued. I am now using OO because it will handle the new Office formats and microsoft has lost anothe customer.