Discount to get into RIAT

Hey, I am planing on going to the air show at Fairford this year, I was just wondering if there is a forces style discount when trying to get in?

Also let me know if you are going...the beers will be on me.
Try the website or emailing the team. From what I remember from working there last year there is no freebies/discounts available to HM Forces. IIRC a brigadier turned up in full uniform and demanded free entry, as he wasn't on offical duties, he was refused and had to pay like everyone else, it certainly brought a smile to all our faces while he ranted :)

I will be working there again this year for my sins, it is going to be another spectacular weekend :)

Think of volunteering to work for the site office or similar next year if u have the time and are up to it.

You work veeery long hours, at anything that needs to be done during the set up phase before it all starts, fixing things that are broke while it is on and during the clean up phase when it is all over.

But you do get in for free and maybe will not see the show as you would wish to do so but will see the static a/c arrive and leave and much more.

You will also meet a magic bunch of boys and girls... Hard work, long hours but bloody good fun.
I did ten years of it. If you've never done it then I recommend it. When I started the work got in the way of the parties. By the time I'd racked up a few years I found that I enjoyed the work better than the 3am piss ups and 6am kick offs. The show days were excellent: ramp parties and wing dings a go go. A real kidney work out and hard graft, but good fun.

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