Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sinbad, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys

    Just letting you know that a new Nutrional sports company called K2 Nutrition is giving all army personall 15% off any order. When you purchase any order just type in army in the promotional code area and discount will be given.

    We just think you guys deserve it and hopefully other companys in all fields will follow suit.

    please see link below for the website

    many thanks keep up the awesome work!!

  2. Karl

    Thanks for the discount. I have used training supplements for years and found they are expensive. Its about time companies started offering discounts to Service member.

    I have checked out the website and it fantastic with some amazing offers. I have an order already inbound!!!


  3. I want to arse fuck you with a hungry badger wrapped in rusty barbed wire.

    What, not in the hole yet?
  4. A two pronged spam attack. How clever, it almost fooled me.


  5. So now anyone who reads and types in army can get the 15% off so we aint really getting a better discount than anyone else.
  6. Fcuk, I've been out too long, they even introduced a new generic term: army personall.

    Times change I suppose, as apparently do spelling standards.
  7. Not bad, but even with the discount MyProtein are cheaper. :wink:
  8. Karl, your product tastes like cat sick. Fuck off and die and your mum is a lousy shag.